Thursday, July 12, 2018

Rescue Disposable Fly Trap .....It sure rescued me!

Again I live in FL, and this year during our summer rain we have been invaded by flies! I am saying to a point that people were having issues ordering at drive-thrus, having them in their house and so much more. Osceola county where I live and mainly central FL had/have so many flies that it even made the news. You can see one of the many stories here.

With that being said I took to the store and seriously almost everything was cleaned out! Yeah, it was/is that bad! I saw a few Facebook post about the fly issue and one person had said they bought a bag fly trap so I started to google them and finally contacted Rescue Smarter Pest Control.

They happily sent me some product to try out, and just in time, I might add. They sent me 2 Rescue Disposable Fly Traps and a few of their GoClip which worked out great for 4th of July.

On July 2nd, I installed the Rescue Disposable Fly Trap. The trap is really easy to install, you simply cut the top off, pull up the top and fill with water, which then after awhile smells horrifying so you wanna place away from humans LOL, but the stink is what draws in the flies. I used a plant hanger post and stuck it by my trash cans and then used fishing wire to make the string to hold the bag.

July 4th---already an inch full of flies

July 6th-- the bag is looking like it is gonna pop

July 8th-- WOW very little space is left

July 12th---BE WARNED It is not pretty those who get sick seeing something that looks like vomit look away!

Yes only after 10 days I had to remove and place in a new one! There were maggots all over in the bag and then you are supposed to place the top back on but yeah I was gagging so hard so I triple bagged it and trashed it and washed and washed and washed my hands afterward. It was BAD!!!! LOL The Rescue Disposable Fly Trap is supposed to be able to last 30 days which I could see in normal circumstances but yeah we are far from normal right now.

I was extremely pleased with how well it worked I noticed right away that the flies which were in my house we far less I was able to use my kitchen again. Before the trap they were so bad that you felt like you were outside, always batting at them while eating, cooking and more but thanks to the Rescue Disposable Fly Trap this was no longer an issue.  You can find them at most major retail stores, hardware stores and on Amazon.

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The Kitty Box Ramp making it easy for cats to do their business

I love my cats and I do anything to make their lives as easy as I can. My cat Milo has a hip issue so he is not able to get around like he would wish, jumping in and out can be a huge issue for him. I have seen a lot of those stairs for dogs to get up onto the bed but what about cats and similar things that are still not so easy for the cat box? 

The Kitty Box Ramp is the answer, it is the first Green, 100% recyclable, cat box ramp. It allows arthritic, senior, and disabled cats to get in and out of the litter box comfortably. Even better they are Veterinarian approved and made in the USA. Available in blue, lavender, and gray. The MSRP range is $34.95 - $39.95 with replaceable tread packs ranging from $9.95 - $14.95. 

I love how easy the Kitty Box Ramp is to assemble and all my cats use it even though I mainly got one to try out for my hip kitty. You fold everything into the ramp shape, then slide under and over your cat box and poof it is good to go. Once the Kitty Box Ramp has had enough I can simply remove the center and toss it in my recycle bin for pick up. You can check them out at 

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Friday, June 29, 2018

Make floor time more comfy with Gelli Mats by TCG Toys

When little kids enjoy playing on the floor, and why not? it is a huge place in which they can spread out and let their imaginations go. The only issue when playing on a floor though is after a while it becomes kinda painful, even if on the carpet the fact that it is a hard surface can take a beating on their joints. 

One way parents would try and help their child be comfier was to place decorative floor mats like a city or their favorite character but again these mats were thin so they didn't do much good. Finally, TCG Toys came out with the Gelli Mats, which are a thicker mat that has gel in it, kinda like a gel shoe insert but for the floor. 

The Gelli Mats only come in 3 characters right now, which are Paw Patrol, PJ Mask, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but in the works is Fisher Price. The best part about these mats is that they are in fact gel-like, they fit your child's joints so make for a more comfortable play. The mats also can absorb any falls so fewer bumps and bruises. You can start with an infant to toddler and long with the new Gelli Mats. 

If the fact that they have gel in them didn't impress you they are also waterproof! Unlike older floor mats which when your child would dump something you would have to take out and hose off let dry or sometimes even have to trash because the mess was so bad, the new Gelli Mats can just be wiped off, that is a huge deal when dealing with children as they will ALWAYS make a mess even with the most careful of parenting they will find a way. 

Another really amazing factor of the new Gelli Mats is the size! They are a whopping 5.5 ft by 3.5 ft in size, that is pretty huge for a gel mat, you could even get creative and stick under your child's bedsheet at night and let them sleep on it at that size. Each one of the Gelli Mats is double-sided for extra fun. You can purchase the new TCG Gelli Mats on Amazon here

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Monday, June 25, 2018

What is Summer without Fog Bubbles..........

Living here in Central Fl I am lucky to experience a lot, especially when it comes to having theme parks around me. SeaWorld has a show in which they bring a bubble master who does impressive things with bubbles one in which he fills a bubble with fog. I thought how cool would that be to be able to have that at home....well Fobbles was thinking the same thing apparently :)

Fobbles has come out with the new FFM-BFOGSM Venus Fog Bubble Machine. This machine is soooo cool! The Venus Fog Bubble Machine is super simple to use, you unpack it and plug it in, fill it with fluids and your good to go.

The machine itself comes with a 10 ft cord which plugs into the back so you can turn it on and off as you wish. You need to make sure when using to set the machine on a flat surface also something which can withstand heat as the fog machine will heat up to produce fog. The back of the Venus Fog Bubble Machine has a line in which you can tell how much fluid you have if you run out you could ruin your machine so it is important to pay attention to this.

Once the machine has had time to heat up, you are ready for play. Simply turn on the fog, which for me caught me off guard because it comes out with a force LOL then you can turn on the fan and then you can turn on the bubbles. I learned you leave all these in the on position and turn off the main switch if you wish to turn off for a little while.

So now for the fun part, once the machine has warmed up (which you will get a light on the remote to let you know so) and the buttons are on you will soon have a room filled with fog and bubbles which have fog in them. I sadly do not own any black lights, but I could only imagine how cool they would look off them.

The Fobbles Venus Fog Bubble Machine also has extra features in which you can purchase to make life a little more simple, like the Wireless Control Unit, this is my personal favorite as I scare my kids with it and my dogs. It works from 50 feet away and works like a car door opener just press the button and it sets it off. The other option in which you can purchase is the Variable Control Timer, this is more for your party setting it helps control the machine so that you can have it run for a second and how long to burst so basically you could almost have it set to a music if you wished.

Another thing I found out when testing it on the pool is that you can run it as only a fog machine or only a bubble blower, which when running as a bubble blower it goes for a longer period of time.

My dogs were inside when I made the video and as you can see they enjoyed it, my kids also have enjoyed it. Fobbles can be purchased through, or on Amazon for $124.99.

I tested it on our pool and it was fun watching as the bubbles bounced off the water and some stuck which we enjoyed popping

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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Father's Day Guide


My husband has been a long life fan of the wrestling community so much so he has introduced our kids to it. So how fun is it that PERFORMA, the world-class fitness accessory company launched an extended line of Wrestlemania inspired WWE shaker bottles. PERFORMA proudly stands behind design, quality, materials, and workmanship that goes into every ultra-premium product made. The new bottles will include the following wrestlers: Macho Man, Bret Hart, Roddy Piper, John Cena, Ric Flair,  DX, and finally NWO All shaker cups have a 100% leak free guarantee and use a duraplex shatter resistant plastic along with an action rod mixing technology. The proprietary mixing element amplifies the kinetic energy in the shaker cup optimizing fluid dynamics for the ultimate smooth mix. Maybe the WWE is not your dad's thing, PERFORMA also offers Avengers, Baseball, Star Wars, and more. Your sure to find the perfect shaker for dad this father's day with PERFORMA check them out here


I always find it nuts that when summer is over everyone thinks the sun just magically goes away... I mean I know I live in FL but the sun is always gonna be there and I wanna make sure that everyone in my family is protected year round. That is why  DYNAMIKOS  sunglasses make a great gift for dad! DYNAMIKOS donates 20% of their profits each month to charity. With styles for men and women, you will be sure to find a pair you love, and a pair for dad too! I really love these for my father-in-law they are very trucker looking the Orian Silver. Prepare for take-off. The Orian Silver is an aviator-style luxury eyewear with an accent brow bar and temples in premium ebony-hued acetate provide dependable eye protection and a light-touch fit. Frame Fit: Wide to Wide Material: Metal Measurements: 61-14-136 Hinge: 3 barrel Lens: 100% UV and UVB protected, scratch resistant, CR-39 Lens color: Shadow gray Check out the whole line of DYNAMIKOS by visiting their website here


My husband works out on a golf course and we also live in FL which is pretty much hot all summer long. MISSION has saved our butts more than once with some amazing products, products which would make for a great Father's Day gift. MISSION products are affordable and can help to cool your dad down throughout the summer. MISSION has an assortment of products like their best seller the Cooling Towels, along with hats, headbands, Hydroactive Max Fitness Half Multi-Cool Neck Gaiter and Headband, shirts and more.  MISSION's patent-pending, HydroActive Max Technology has set a new standard for all instant cooling products. With 30 percent greater COOLING POWER™ than MISSION's original products, the MAX Technology provides the fastest acting and longest lasting cooling. You can find at sporting good stores as well as on Amazon and of course by visiting


I love these products, I almost have one on every light socket in my house, they are simple to install I had my 6 years old do one, and now she is Snap Happy. The SnapPower GuideLight 2 Plus ($16 to $19 depending on the quantity purchased) is an automatic nightlight that is built into the cover plate of your power outlet. It blends in with its surroundings, and, unlike traditional nightlights, always leaves both outlets available for use. The product features a diffused light bar and provides smooth ambient lighting. No more kids (or guests) leaving the bathroom light on all night, giving you more time to sleep! This product is also available for GFCI outlets (found in bathrooms and by kitchen sinks).

The SnapPower USB Charger 2 (retails for $19 to $23 depending on quantities purchased) features two USB ports, fast charging (2.1 amps), a slim look and easy installation while keeping outlets free from bulky power adapters when charging phones, tablets and other mobile devices. This one is my personal favorite because now with everyone owning phones, tablets, etc we are always fighting over who gets to plug in.

Both these products from SnapPower make a great gift for dad and are again easy to install. Check out all the products from SnapPower here.


Have a dad who possibly loves his ride, loves adventure, loves to take it to the extreme? BFGoodrich® knows shopping for dad can be tough, and with Father’s Day approaching, this June, BFGoodrich Tires is launching its toughest off-road, mud-terrain tire to-date just in time for fun, adventurous and adrenaline-fueled dads this Father’s Day. Enter the all-new BFGoodrich MUD-TERRAIN T/A® KM3. The KM3 delivers a tougher sidewall, better traction on rocks and in mud, and the dependability that adventurous spirits expect and demand. The KM3 is the “must-have” equipment for off-road enthusiasts who seek the paths less taken. Now all you need to do is figure out how to borrow your dad's ride to get this great gift put on. Check out the whole line of BFGoodrich® here.  


My husband loves to keep our yard looking alive, but to do so it means watering, which sometimes we forget to turn it off. The B-hyve has come out with 2 products which can make leaving on the hose a thing of the past. The smart Orbit B-hyve Hose Faucet Timer (starting at $69) allows consumers to automate, manage and optimize the entire watering process all from their phones or using the device¹s smarts. Whether that is potted plants, container gardens, and lawns, B-hyve Hose Faucet makes it easy to control. It is the first and only smart, EPA WaterSense-certified faucet timer on the market, saving water while maintaining a lush landscape managed from anywhere with a cellular or internet connection.

Working similarly to the hose faucet timer, the Orbit B-Hyve (starting at $99) is for homeowners with an in-ground sprinkling system. It can be controlled with a smartphone, Amazon Alexa or on the controller itself. It is truly a plug-and-play that is easy to install and leave alone. Both of these making great father's day gift that will keep your dad's yard looking great and his peace of mind when wondering if he forgot to turn off, a thing of the past. Check out these great products by B-hyve here


My whole family loves to fish but we don't do it as often as we would like because the mosquitoes are so bad. This father's day I am getting him a gift which honestly will be for us all, the new Thermacell Radius--perfect for dads who hate to be bugged by mosquitoes! Compact, portable, powerful, the Radius offers rechargeable, scent-free protection from biting pests in a 110 square foot area! Thermacell is changing the repellent landscape with the first rechargeable mosquito solution, the Radius. Just the touch of a button provides hours of comfort and it’s air travel-friendly! No more sticky sprays and lotions or dousing yourself in DEET. A Lithium-Ion battery enables a single refill system, using a lone repellent refill. Long-life Radius refills are available with up to 40 hours of repellent action and can be started and stopped as often as needed. The lithium-ion battery is USB rechargeable, allowing for up to six hours of run time per charge, and even features an automatic shut off timer. The Radius Zone Mosquito Repellent System is available for purchase for $49.99. Check out all the great products from Thermacell by visiting here, there truly is something for everyone. 

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