Sunday, December 2, 2012

Little Unknown Lake Eva Water Park in Haine City, Florida

Lake Eva Park in Haines City, Fl

I found out about this place about a year ago, and fell in love with it.

Lake Eva offers, a Water Park which is $3 per person to get in or $100 per family for year, 2 massive playgrounds, A huge center area for picnics, football or whatever you like, they also show free movies there through out the month, tennis courts, basket ball courts, walking trails, sport shop and finally a lake which you can fish off of or put a boat in. Lake Eva offers all ages something to do the playground are set up to age groups so any kid 1 and up is sure to have a fun time.

Lake Eva's water park allows families to enjoy a full size pool, a massive slide, shooting water, and a center piece of water tunnels and slide for younger kids. The kids section of the water park is great because you really feel at ease, the slide drops down into less then 3ft of water so all children over 36" can go on the slide, the whole play area is 1-2 feet deep. They have a nice little food stand that offers anything from ice pops to pizza at a cheap affordable price.

I love lake eva cause its only 20mins from me i am able to go and enjoy the water without being over worried, if your a outdoors person i would defiantly make a stop at this very clean enjoyable park.
If you are visiting Disney on vacation and don't want to spend the money to go to a water park, this is a great alternative for $3 a person!

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  1. Great price! Wish I lived someplace where it was warm enough to swim year round!