Thursday, March 28, 2013

Every Occasion Helps you Plan your Party!

I love when we have family reunions, birthdays, or just parties, but it's a lot of work to get everyone in one place or just a place for everyone. is a site which handles pretty much everything you need to have a great party with having to do next to nothing.

Birthday party coming up? Okay first step is calling around to find a place that can hold your guest list. Every Occasion does this for you, they section out places which you might enjoy then they contact the place and reserve the day for you. What happens if they cannot get the place you requested? They give you other options on places that are close to which you wanted and make sure they have the room before they give you this list to pick from. What if the place you want is not on the list Every Occasion takes care of? They will be more than happy to work out a arrangement to help book the specific place you would like.

Next on the list, you need to figure out what you want your guests to eat. Every Occasion handles this too! They have all the group menus printed up and ready for you to choose from. How this helps? Let's say you have a party of 20 going into a restaurant, most of the time you're waiting for a long period not only to be seated but also for everyone to pick something from the normal menu. But, when planned properly, you get a group menu which the has a limited  menu allowing everyone to pick from a smaller arrangement of food but something that the restaurant itself can whip out within minutes knowing that they will need more of it. It's a win-win for both guests and the restaurant itself.
 Last step is inviting the guests, now a days everything is handled online, so most invites are sent through email or facebook, twitter, etc. Every Occasion takes care of sending out invites and along with sending invites you can also have it set up on a donation so that people can help pay the bill or have them pay their own meal for the company or simply you're paying it all. Those are the 3 options that can be options in the invites.

The best thing about Every Occasion is it's 100% free, you simply call 1-855-603-DINE (3463) or go directly to their site at

Plan your next party for free and without the stress.

Want your restaurant to be featured with Every Occasion? Simply call 1-855-603-DINE (3463) or you can also go to

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Simone France Review and Giveaway!

As a mom who works, has 5 kids and blogs, it's not always easy to take the time for myself as I should. 
Typing this makes me get a little teary- because I know I should take the time for me, I just am the kind of mom that would rather spend time playing with kids than pampering myself. 

When I was contacted by Simone France about a review of their products, I felt like it was a sign to take the 5 minutes for myself everyday. 

I received for review the Body Duo Collection
Simone France Body Duo 

Which consists of an 8 oz Body Buff (scrub) and an 8 oz Body Glow Lotion.

I first opened up the Body Buff which had a light orange scent to it, and it was just perfect, not an overpowering scent at all. It's made with sugar and it exfoliates naturally. I especially enjoy using it on my elbows. 
The Body Buff leaves your skin feeling like there is a layer of moisturizer on it, and in Florida we need that extra protection, and it made me smell really good for the whole day!

After my shower with the Body Buff, I felt like I had a mini spa day, and it felt GOOD. 

Now, for the Body Glow Lotion, I decided to use that at night before bed, because I had seen all these other cool moms doing that on TV, so I put 2 pump fulls on my hands and rubbed it all over, I want to express how quickly this lotion was absorbed into my skin, within 30 seconds I couldn't feel the dampness. 

The next day when I woke up, I had forgotten about the Body Glow, but when I went to take a shower, my skin felt so nice and I remembered what it was!  

The Body Duo retails for $80, but right now is on sale for $70. You can purchase it here.

Simone France has been in business for 50 years, so they know what they are doing when it comes to skin care. 
No matter what your skin type Simone France will work for you!

I told my husband that for mothers day I want this:

Simone France Deep Moisture Mask
Deep Moisture Mask

I love these products, I will definitely be ordering again, I feel like I have finally gotten a little of myself back!

One of my readers is going to win their own Body Duo Collection from Simone France. 
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Disclosure: I was given the Body Duo Collection to help with my review. All opinions are 100% mine.

Friday, March 22, 2013

OraMD Review and Giveaway

When I first heard of OraMD, I honestly had NO idea what it was. 
When I was given the chance to review it, I still didn't really understand it, until I got it in the mail. 

It's a Toothpaste, Mouthwash and Breath Freshener ALL IN ONE. 

2-5 drops on your toothbrush to brush your teeth. 
2-5 drops in an ounce of water to mouthwash/gargle
2-5 drops on your tongue as a breath freshener

If you use 2 drops for each of these, the bottle will last for 30 days! That replaces 3 products that you would normally use. 


There are NO chemicals in this, it is basically 3 oils: Almond, Peppermint and Spearmint. 

I first tried it as a breath freshener. I put 2 drops on my tongue and it tastes good! It's not sweet, which is great, we don't need any more sugar or sugar substitutes. 

Next, I used it as a toothpaste. I used 3 drops. It didn't lather like normal toothpaste, but that was fine, because the lather makes me gag anyway. 
After using, my mouth felt SO much cleaner than with normal toothpaste. 

Finally, I used it as a mouthwash, I added 3 drops to an ounce of water and gargled. 
It didn't burn like mouthwash usually does and left my breath smelling great!

natural ingredients

I LOVE this product, did you know that sodium laurel sulfate which is the main ingredient in toothpaste is also a main ingredient in car wash soap?? 
I know I don't want that in MY mouth!

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Mavea Water Pitcher Review

In our house, we drink a lot of water. 
We probably go through 10-12 bottles a day, so thinking of investing in a filtering Water Pitcher 
was a good idea for us, not only to save on the plastic, but it's also economical. 

The water pitcher I chose to review was one made by Mavea. I have heard nothing but good things about this company, and wanted to try one for myself. 

I have used the other "b" brand of water filter before, and I have to say that though it looked nice in my refrigerator, the water didn't taste great. 

My kids are really picky about their water, they can tell the difference between spring and distilled. They won't drink it unless it's spring, they just like the way it tastes. 

So when the Mavea pitcher came and I opened it up, they were excited to find out what it did. 

We filled the pitcher up with water and within a few minutes it had gone through the filter. 

I gave them both a cup, and they loved it! I asked them if they could tell the difference and they said no. 

The pitcher has a counter on it that you set when you insert a new filter so that you know exactly when to buy a new one. 

You can purchase the Mavea Water Pitcher at Macy's for about $35.00

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Glow in the Dark Mini Golf & Arcades! Orlando, FL


Enter a new dimension of FUN with Putting Edge Glow in the Dark Mini Golf! Engage in a social atmosphere for any group, any size. From the moment you walk through the front door, you have left the real world" and have entered a world full of Fun, Imagination, and Activity.

 Whether six or sixty, male or female, Putting Edge Glow in the Dark Mini Golf delivers a high energy, high quality experience that is ideal for birthday parties, an outing with family or friends, special interest groups, corporate functions and more.  

So take a break from reality, and visit your Putting Edge Glow in the Dark Mini Golf Today!
 Choose any location - LA, Chicago, Denver, Orlando, St Louis, or Detroit.

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Central Florida Home and Garden Show March 22-24th


Casey and I are SO excited for the Central Florida Home and Garden Show!

We have both never been before, and it's been years since I was at the convention center. 

This year there will be food samplings, raffles and giveaways as well as do-it-yourself presentations. 

The Central Florida Home and Garden Show will be in the Orange County Convention Center this weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday March 22-24th. 

You can purchase tickets in person at the event, or you can buy them online and save $3 per adult ticket

Friday, March 22 is FAMILY DAY, a celebration of all things home and family so bring the kids out and join in on special activities and get tips for a family-friendly home. Kids ages and 12 and under are FREE on Friday!

You can enter below to win 4 tickets to the Central Florida Home and Garden Show, just leave me a comment on why you want to win!  (giveaway will end on 3/21/13 at 5pm)

Jason Cameron

Plus if you win the 4 tickets, you will also be entered for a chance to win a grand prize: VIP front row seats to see Jason Cameron of DIY Network’s Man Caves and Desperate Landscapes during his Saturday 12 noon stage appearance, followed by participation in a group meet and greet with Jason. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Beanitos Review and Giveaway!

Like chips but looking for something other then corn or potato? Why not try bean? Yes, Bean chips. Beanitos, is a chip company that has made a perfect bean chip out of some of your favorite beans like pinto, and black beans. 

Beanitos gives more options for those who need gluten free products. Beanitos are gluten free, corn free, high in fiber which help keep us regular, and even carry 6grams of protein! I personally love the chips with some sour cream but on their own they did taste very good.

Beanitos come in 4 flavors, black bean, chipotle bbq, pinto bean & flax, and finally cheddar cheese!  Each chip is made up of only 5 non-GMO ingredients, including whole black beans, whole grain rice, sunflower oil, and sea salt for a delightful flavor. Beanitos are wheat free, soy free, potato free and of course corn free.

My favorite flavor was the Black Bean, it had a nice bean taste and was extremely filling, I ate one of the snack sized bags as a snack around 3pm and at dinner time I was still full!

Paige's mom who is on a gluten free diet says these are some of the best chips she has ever had, and ate them as nachos for a full meal, she said she added cheese and oven baked until the cheese melted, then added light sour cream, onions and tomatoes.
She said it was a great meal and again, she thought it was very filling.

Beanitos are also great for those with diabetes or on a Low Glycemic Diet.

You can purchase Beanitos at most health food stores, or Target!

Find your closest location here.

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Fun Bites Review and Giveaway

Buy One of Each!

I have talked about this before. My kids (Xander and Riley) are picky eaters. 
I don't think Riley would be nearly as bad, but he does whatever big brother Xander does. 
It's my fault they are picky though, because I cave in, I am not the kind of mom that can leave them at the table and say "If you don't like it, there is nothing else for dinner" 
I am the kind of mom that when they don't like something, I get up and make a 2nd meal just for them. 
So I have kind of given up on trying, and actually, on their own, they are starting to come around. 
It's not like all they want to eat is junk food, one of they favorite foods is fruit..I can't keep enough in stock for them!
 Cube It!
When I was asked to review the FunBites Cutter, I was so excited because I am always cutting the crust off the bread (they won't eat it) 
I choose the squares because who doesn't like tiny little sandwich squares?? 
Xander and Riley were SO excited to try it out, they asked me to make them a turkey sandwich and cut it right away. 

I noticed you really have to rock the cutter back and forth to get it cut all the way, and once it cuts, its so easy to POP out the squares with the 2nd piece. 

I will be using this for pancakes, cheese, sandwiches..and anything else i think they might eat better in bite sized pieces. 

Luv It!

Giveaway! Enter to win your own FunBites here!

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Disclosure: I was given a Fun Bites Cutter to help with my review. All opinions are 100% mine.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Unreal Candy Review

Unreal  is unjunked candy.  The newest cheapest thing of  candy which you can find at your local Cvs and other retail locations. Unreal is a healthier choice to your normal junk foods or candies. Try it today.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fix Me Stick Review and Giveaway

What exactly is a FixMeStick? Well when you have a computer and it's not acting right, you plug in this little device called the FixMeStick which is the size of and works like a flash drive. It's really that simple. Have a virus? Put the stick in the usb slot, wait for the pop up that comes up and says run, click run, and your fixed.

I tried it first on my mother in laws computer. Her computer is so far gone that when I used it, it pretty much only sped up her internet the rest was still really bad.
I plan on trying it again on her computer within the week and see if it needs more then one treatment if possible.

I then tried it on mine as far as I knew I didn't have any issues, yeah my internet was slow sometimes and would lag,  but I have an older computer so didn't think anything of it.

I plugged it into my laptop and sure enough I had an infection (as the FixmeStick calls it) so it quarantined it and now my internet runs better and programs on the computer also seem to come up faster.

I feel it works, and it's nice because you do not only have to use it on one computer you can use it on all computers unlike other computer virus blockers like Norton where you pay a huge fee and it only protects the one computer.

Instead of wasting your money on paying someone to fix your computer every time you get a virus, or paying to keep them blocked off check out the FixMeStick a one payment protector.

FixMeStick works when other virus removal programs won't because it's an external device, most of the time when you have a virus, the virus stops you from being able to download a virus remover. That's when the FixMeStick is used.

FixMeStick can be purchased here for $59.99 and it can be used on up to 3 computers/laptops an unlimited number of times, for up to 1 year. Or you can purchase the FixMeStickPro for $299 and it works on an unlimited number of PC's for one year.

One of the readers of Theme Park Mama is going to win their very own FixMeStick! Please enter using the rafflecopter form below. Giveaway is open to US residents only.

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FixMeStick works when other virus removal programs won't because it's an external device, most of the time when you have a virus, the virus stops you from being able to download a virus remover. That's when the FixMeStick is used.
 Disclosure: I was given the FixMeStick to help with my review. All opinions are 100% mine.

Goody Good Stuff Candy Review and Giveaway!

Spending most of my life as a semi-vegetarian (I don't eat red meat or pork) I have a hard time with gummy candy. I love it, but I can't bring myself to eat it knowing tht gelatin is made with some not-so-yummy cow parts. 

That's until I found this cute little bag of VEGAN candy!

Not just vegetarian, but vegan too!

Strawberry Cream

Goody Good Stuff makes wonderful candy, all are gelatin, fat and dairy FREE!

They come in several varieties including
  • Strawberry Cream
  • Cheery Cherries
  • Tropical Fruit
  • Koala Gummy Bears
  • Cola Breeze
  • Summer Peaches
  • Sour Mix and Match 
  • Sour Fruit Salad
My favorite was the Tropical Fruit, I loved the grapefruit flavor and it was so nice to give my kids something I know is not terrible for them. 
Tropical Fruit
Currently in the US they are available at stores like
Stop and Shop
Natural Harvest Food Market
Or you can purchase them online at here. 
A 12 pack of bags is about $18.00 which is a great price, since it's only about $1.30 a bag which is very comparable to the non-vegan versions. 
Sour Mix & Match 

Enter to win a sample box of all the great tasting candies! Enter the rafflecopter below contest ends 3/29/13

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Disclosure: I was given Goody Good Stuff to help with my review. All opinions are 100% mine.

Skinny Pop Popcorn Review and Giveaway

I am not one to diet. 
I know, I should..but it's SO freaking hard!

I just give up! 
I am not opposed to eating healthy if it's just as easy (tasty) as eating junk, and that's exactly what I found in Skinny Pop Popcorn
It's YUMMY, it's HEALTHY, 
I don't feel like the worst mom of the year if my kids pig out on it. 


I have always hated microwave popcorn, in fact I was just telling my friend when we over at one of those "big box" stores, that I want one of their huge popcorn makers, the ones that look like they belong in a movie theater, because I would seriously eat it all day. 
The problem with the microwave popcorn is that its always WAY too salty for my taste, I would eat popcorn (and chips!) plain/unsalted, I just think it tastes better. 

Skinny Pop Popcorn has ZERO trans fat, cholestorol FREE, and ONLY 39 calories per cup!
Even if I am not trying to diet, who can resist 39 calories a cup!

You can find Skinny Pop Popcorn at stores like Whole Foods Market. 

One reader is going to win a CASE of Skinny Pop! 12 Bags! Enter using the rafflecopter form below. 
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Disclosure: I was given Skinny Pop Popcorn to help with my review. All opinions are 100% mine.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Monkey Joes Bounce House Play Area

From the time Xander was 16 months old I have been taking him to Monkey Joe's in Orlando. About 6 months ago when I found out they moved locations, I stopped taking him. Not because I didn't like the new location. I didn't like that I had to pay for parking. Yes. I am cheap.
Today, Casey and I decided to venture in once again with all 7 kids.
It was Casey's first visit, she had NEVER been before, and I couldn't believe it! I love Monkey Joe's, how can she have never been?!?
When we got to Pointe Orlando and pulled into the huge parking garage, we had to take a ticket to *gasp* pay for parking.
After we parked (3rd floor!) we started the trek with all the kids (not easy on the 3rd floor and Casey HATES elevators)
I noticed right away that there were NO signs, nothing. Ok, yeah there were signs, but NO signs telling me where Monkey Joe's was located, so we walked in a very big circle all the way around Pointe Orlando.
We stopped in one of the shops and asked the clerk if she knew where Monkey Joe's was..she said she didn't think it was open yet (as in, located in this place at all!) since I knew she was wrong, we kept walking..we finally found it, almost back where we started!
We were greeted by the manager Nicole, who was very very sweet, she told me she used to be a school teacher but she loved Monkey Joe's so much that she decided to stay on full time and become manager.
After the kids all got their wristbands (and Casey and I too ) they were off.
And off...
And off.The main change I noticed when I first got in, was the HUGE pirate ship in the middle of the floor, it looks really awesome, and it is BIG, i mean it's so big I couldn't get far enough away to get a picture of the whole thing!
The second change I noticed, was the improvement to the arcade (probably the ONLY thing Casey and I didn't like, was the arcade, and ONLY because our oldest boys begged and begged for money constantly!) The arcade though is really nice, there are several really big games, including a game where you can paint your own picture and print it out right there!
After exploring the arcade for a while, we were brought 2 Flippers pizza by Nicole. Flippers makes really good pizza, and it was nice to have a name brand (we go to Chuck E Cheese ALOT and this is much better)
The price for a large pizza is $14.99, they also have fountain drinks that they refill for a quarter!
I wanted to try the mini donuts, but I was so full from the pizza there was no room..I did manage to try the iced coffee, which for $2.79 was AWESOME (even though Buggy and Joshua kept stealing it from me!)
The party rooms looked about the same as they were in the old location, they were always really nice and they still are.
Out of all of the 7 kids, I would say the kids under 6 had the best time. Not that the older ones didn't but it was definitely friendlier for the younger ones, and there were a lot of toddlers there, which surprised me, a lot of non walkers with their parents, it was nice to see, since when I used to take Xander, i felt like the only one with a toddler.
They have really improved the toddler section, it has 4 bouncers and they do a REALLY good job at keeping the older ones out! Riley (my 5 year old) kept trying to follow Buggy in, and there was a "referee" who always caught him!
I liked the fact that they had more staff, I remember when Xander was about 3 he got knocked over at Monkey Joe's by a boy who was about 10. The boy was bouncing too hard and there was no one to stop him, that definitely would not be the case now!
Once we had all the kids ready to go (which was almost 4 hours after arriving!) Casey told me that when we came in, they gave her a parking validation! I didn't know that! They validate for up to 3 hours, now that I know that, I will definitely be going more often.
Admission for children over 2 years old is $9.49 and under 2 is $5.99
They also offer frequent user cards at $35.00 for under 2 and $65 over 2 years old. These can be "punched" 10 times which is a huge savings.
9101 International Drive
validated parking "up to 3 hours per visit"
Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 352-8484

Friday, March 1, 2013

Chucky Cheese Anyone? Great Place for Birthday Partys

Chuck E. Cheese on International Drive in Orlando is one of our favorite places to go, we are able to sit back and relax.
An easy way to save money when going to Chuck E. Cheese is go to their website and print out the calendars, they offer 10 free tokens per child. Click here for the Chuck E. Cheese website

Next, go to your local Walmart and you can purchase Chuck E. Cheese string cheese, it also has a coupon for 12 free tokens and a coupon for $19.99 which gets you a large pizza with one topping, 3 drinks and 35 tokens!
click here to find where they sell the cheese: Chuck E Cheese

The cheese so far always has the best coupons and it taste great! When Paige and I go to Chuck E. Cheese, we bring card games like; uno, skip bo, and any other games to play so while the kids are off being kids we are chilling at the table playing games. Chuck E. Cheese also offers kids to be kids as in as long as its not harming or destroying anything they don't seem to care which is great! An example; my 2 year old daughter is to small for skee ball but she gets that she has to get the balls in the holes they have never said anything or given us dirty looks when she walks down the ramp and puts the ball in a hole.
I also like how they have numbers to parents and kids so that way they know your not taking the wrong child. I like that we are able to get a break because they have people 24/7 at the door so no kid should make it out and we watch them, but it's not like we have to follow them around, if they haven't come back in a certain time then we get up and look but have never had any issues there either.
They are always changing out the games so that there is something new for kids to do. If you don't mind loud then its a great place to relax.
This post was in no way sponsored or endorsed by Chuck E Cheese, all opinions are 100% my own. I received nothing from Chuck E Cheese for this post.