Thursday, March 28, 2013

Every Occasion Helps you Plan your Party!

I love when we have family reunions, birthdays, or just parties, but it's a lot of work to get everyone in one place or just a place for everyone. is a site which handles pretty much everything you need to have a great party with having to do next to nothing.

Birthday party coming up? Okay first step is calling around to find a place that can hold your guest list. Every Occasion does this for you, they section out places which you might enjoy then they contact the place and reserve the day for you. What happens if they cannot get the place you requested? They give you other options on places that are close to which you wanted and make sure they have the room before they give you this list to pick from. What if the place you want is not on the list Every Occasion takes care of? They will be more than happy to work out a arrangement to help book the specific place you would like.

Next on the list, you need to figure out what you want your guests to eat. Every Occasion handles this too! They have all the group menus printed up and ready for you to choose from. How this helps? Let's say you have a party of 20 going into a restaurant, most of the time you're waiting for a long period not only to be seated but also for everyone to pick something from the normal menu. But, when planned properly, you get a group menu which the has a limited  menu allowing everyone to pick from a smaller arrangement of food but something that the restaurant itself can whip out within minutes knowing that they will need more of it. It's a win-win for both guests and the restaurant itself.
 Last step is inviting the guests, now a days everything is handled online, so most invites are sent through email or facebook, twitter, etc. Every Occasion takes care of sending out invites and along with sending invites you can also have it set up on a donation so that people can help pay the bill or have them pay their own meal for the company or simply you're paying it all. Those are the 3 options that can be options in the invites.

The best thing about Every Occasion is it's 100% free, you simply call 1-855-603-DINE (3463) or go directly to their site at

Plan your next party for free and without the stress.

Want your restaurant to be featured with Every Occasion? Simply call 1-855-603-DINE (3463) or you can also go to

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