Monday, June 24, 2013

Dunkin' Donuts Has New Summer Treats!

Dunkin' Donuts has come out with some awesome summer fun foods to keep you full and cool!

Dunkin' Donuts introduced 2 new donuts to their already huge variety in honor of summer. The first donut is "Lemonade" which has lemon filling along with lemon flavored sprinkles on top which sets the lemonade flavor in full. The other is the" Key Lime" donut which has a key lime flavored filling along with graham crackers for the topping. Both are delicious!

Also new, is the "Hot Chocolate Coolatta". The hot chocolate is very rich in flavor and has a very thick chocolate taste to it making it a great cool treat for summer. The other flavor among a few others is the "Raspberry Lime Coolatta". It has a milder flavor, in my opinion perfect for the summer..and I love the bright green color!

One of my favorite things to drink at Dunkin' Donuts is the "Sweet Tea". I really don't care for lemon in my tea because it just makes it bitter, but Dunkin' Donuts has mastered the perfect combination of sweet tea and lemonade that blends together perfectly, everyone who tried it was in love! The best part is that you can try any size of this drink at participating stores for only .99 cents!

Now on to the breakfast sandwiches. They have introduced 2 new chicken sandwiches. One is a chicken breast on french roll with barbeque sauce. The other is chicken breast with bacon and ranch sauce on a french roll.
Don't forget when ordering any sandwich from Dunkin' Donuts you can make it to order and change up which type of bread you wish to have your sandwich on. Also new to the menu is a turkey sausage breakfast sandwich which is turkey sausage (does not contain mechanically separated product in it!) egg and cheese on a muffin, great for those looking for a healthier option.

I saved the best for last. The new "Glazed Donut Sandwich" which I must say at first I was thinking I was not sure I like the idea of savory and sweet like that but then I got to try it. WOW! It is so very good! The sandwich is a glazed donut, egg and bacon. Its delicious. You can have a glazed donut for any sandwich if you're not a meat person.

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