Thursday, June 20, 2013

RW Garcia Gluten Free Chips YUM!

I have been in so many natural food stores, due to my mothers gluten free diet, and my own love of natural medicines. 

One section we always seemed to overlook was the chip section. I guess because there are so many options for gluten free chips. Potato..Corn..almost all chips are based with these ingredients. 

Then, one day I noticed something by the checkout that caught my eye. 

RW Garcia Curry & Mango Dippers. 

Curry? Mango? 2 of my all time favorite things, together in one yummy chip?

I had to try!
I decided to pair them with some hummus I made in my new food processor. 

It. Was. AWESOME. 


The mango and curry flavors were spot on, and with the hummus it was a great healthy snack. 

RW Garcia products are all GMO free, which is really important to me and my family. 

I also had the chance to try the blue and red corn tortilla chips, we dipped them in salsa and they were terrific, I love how they were nice and thick, and had a great bite to them. 
My kids loved the blue and red corn they thought that was neat. 


RW Garcia also has varieties of Flax Seed Chips and Crackers. Flax seed can help fight so many illnesses including diabetes, heart disease and cancer! This is a really tasty way to get a great health benefit. 

The one kind I didn't get to try yet, but would love to, and I would love to get my kids to try them, are the Veggie Chips

The chips have all 3 flavors in the bag. 
Spinach and Garlic
Red Beet & Onion and Carrot
Tomato and Sesame

What a great way to get the kids to eat good for you veggies in a great tasting chip!

Disclosure: I was given RW Garcia Chips to help with my review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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