Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kikkerland Rainbow Maker

I like fun things in my house, but I need durable, and safe around kids. The Kikkerland Rainbow Maker is a nice fun way to enjoy natures treasures. It runs on solar power and it sticks to any window with a suction cup, the heart at the bottom of it spins making a disc of rainbows throughout the home.

My kids like to try and catch a rainbow as it goes over them or on them. Its a nice treat around 5-6pm when the sun hits the Kikkerland Rainbow Maker just right and we have rainbows for about a hour. We look forward to them.

You can see all the millions of fun trinkets that Kikkerland has to offer by clicking here.

Dropcam A New Spin on Peace of Mind

Most of us have seen baby monitors that have video and you can watch from one end to the house to the other without being in the room. Or we have alarm systems that someone else can do the watching for you. What if you could get the best of both worlds and not even have to spend as much?

The Dropcam is a WiFi Video Monitoring system, so all you need is wifi and a computer or smart phone. The Dropcam is a motoring system so you can watch your kids when not at home (of course kids who can be left alone!) think of it as a nanny cam.

I honestly loved the idea of this when I had received it but I had put it off because I thought it would take forever to install, but I was very wrong I didn't even have to load a disk into my drive, it just came up and I was automatically seeing myself on the camera. 

The Dropcam only takes a few minutes to set up, you get can set it up to get alerts, it has night vision, you can have conversations and it records 24/7. Think of all the possiblites the Dropcam can offer. Think your kids are doing what they shouldn't you can find out. Think someone is unfaithful sadly another way to see what is going on. You can even use it as a baby monitor for watching those last minute babysitters. Something out of place when you come home you can see who is there.

The Dropcam has so many uses and the fact that you can record sounds, and it has night vision is a huge plus in my book.

I know I have issues with my kids making a mess when I am at work, I also have a cat who likes to use the bathroom in my kids room, so I used it to monitor these problems, as well as a few others I have. I also have used it to capture a few fun moments in time which the kids are acting funny but yet the camera isn't charged or I am not home to capture that moment.

I really love my Dropcam and recommend it to family and friends. Its a long term motoring device for penny's that a alarm system would cost, yes it does not send alerts to a break in but if anything is to happen we have proof, which is peace of mind.

 Because it is linked to your personal wifi you can simply go on the link and it will take you right away to be monitored, there is a little delay but its like less then a second! It also has a time management so lets say you only want it to record when you have a sitter or no one is home you can set it to turn on and off for those hours! How great is that!

How easy is it? Step one connect Dropcam to computer using usb.  Then read what comes up on your screen. Its that simple. I placed my Dropcam just over our kitchen so that it covers both front and back doors.  It is recording my whole living room area, and it picks up even whispers! I love having this will be neat to see what all it catches when I am gone. You have your own personal webpage which has a password so you can view your family. Click here for more info on how to buy your own .

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

DiGiorno Pizzeria! Win a Pizzeria Kit!

I buy frozen pizza often because it's a fast easy meal. But, lets face it. Most don't taste that great. So, I tried DiGiorno Pizzeria! pizza, and wow it's like the commercial says "Its not delivery, it's DiGiorno!" It is so good and now DiGiorno has come out with a new type of pizza the Pizzeria.


The pizza has a preservative free crust and vine ripened tomatoes. This is definitely a pizza the whole family will enjoy.
The pizzeria! pizzas come in 4 varieties.
  • pizzeria! from DIGIORNO® Quattro Formaggi/Four Cheese features the perfect bubbling combination of mozzarella, fontina, parmesan and pecorino romano cheeses.
  • pizzeria! from DIGIORNO® Supreme Speciale offers a delectable blend of premium meats and vegetables including Italian sausage, premium pepperoni, red and green peppers and caramelized onions.
  • pizzeria! from DIGIORNO® Primo Pepperoni takes a classic to new heights, with the perfect combination of savory pepperoni and premium cheeses.
  • pizzeria! from DIGIORNO® Italian Meat Trio features an antipasto-inspired combination of premium meats including pepperoni, Italian sausage and Genoa salami.

I normally only make a pizza and it feeds the family. It's a great meal for when I am not home and I am at work. This last time though we made it while I was home, it came out of the oven I got this pic and came back and nothing was left! Ahh I didn't even get a crumb lol my family ate it like it was candy it was that good they said. I can tell you one thing even though I didn't get a chance at it, it looked very good!

I finally had a chance to try it later on, and it's to good to go back to what we used to buy for frozen pizza. We are a DiGiorno family all the way!

Win  a pizzeria! kit for a giveaway that includes product coupons, a wooden pizza peel, chef’s apron and pizza cutter. Offer open to U.S. residents only, contest will end 8-6-13

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Monday, July 29, 2013

TheraPearl Neck Wrap

As most adults today I have stress, which causes pain in areas of the body, one being my neck!  I was very happy to get a TheraPearl Hot and Cold Pack Neck Wrap. What makes it so great is that I can use it hot or cold and it works great on my neck and shoulders.

TheraPearl is great because I am able to use it over and over and over again. The TheraPearl Hot Cold pack Neck Wrap works like so. Simply place in the freezer for a cool sensation and then heat in the microwave for a heating sensation. The TheraPearl gets its name from the gel like pearls which are able to hold heat or cold which then freely move throughout the pack allowing a nice distribution of relief on your neck and shoulders.

It is really simple to use I just opened it up and placed it on my shoulders how hard was that. I tested it out during the day I was impressed on how well it stayed around my neck and that only once when I really bent over did it slip. I was happy that for once I could sit a few hours and not feel the pain that I would before and have to stop and well stretch out.  I was able to get through the chores and blogging without stopping.

 I would recommend TheraPearl for anyone with aches. It sure beats spending money on the other hot packs out there which you trash after one use, or saving you from putting medications in your body to help with pain (which have a awful stink to them). You can purchase your own TheraPearl product by clicking here. They have a wide selection of other great products that you will be able to find something that fits your need.
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Stetson Mansion A Carpenter and A History Buff's Dream

The Stetson Mansion is a wood workers dream house. The Stetson Mansion is a huge part of history, the Stetson family was one of the first to do beaver skin cowboy hats, and they also make their own Bourbon.

I had a chance to visit the Stetson Mansion, and along with visiting it I was among a few select people to photographic this gorgeous home. The Stetson Mansion is a one of a kind home made back in 19th century it was the very first home to have a Thomas Edison electrical outlet which powered the whole home until not to recent of time which they still have the breaker box with tags signed by Thomas Edison.

You can find the Stetson Mansion located by Blue Springs FL in DeLand county all though you would never expect to find such a masterpiece in such a area. Being a daughter of a craftsmen I can appreciate more the hard work that went into the making of the Stetson home. You have to think back on when this home was made there really wasn't much in tools like there is today so most everything was hand made! Each floor in the Stetson Mansion is different, each flooring has its own pattern and all is wood. The Stetson's had glass sent from France that bows because its not made with a machine but hand done, so you can see out the window but you can see the glass and how it bows a little.

The Stetson Mansion is 3 stories tall, has 10 rooms and 13 bathrooms. The master bedroom had what once was a Butler's room, made into a walk in closet with a full bath room. It was very neat to hear all the history of the home, the Stetsons even had their own rooms which seems to be coming back in fashion.

This is a home worth visiting there is so much to see and learn when you visit the Stetson Mansion. It is located at
  • 1031 Camphor Lane
  • DeLand, FL 32720
You can read up more and view the website by clicking here. Day You Were Born Birthday Keepsake plus Giveaway!

I love collecting the little birthday keepsakes for my kids to remind me, and them, how small they once were or what kind of event happened in their life. So, it was great to get a chance to review the Day You Were Born Birthday Keepsake.

I have had some of these made for my oldest kids before, but the last few kids I missed so I choose Sarah as my subject. I went with a cute "Little Princess" theme for the frame which I really really loved. When you choose to do a Day You Were Born Birthday Keepsake, you can pick from the following sizes, 8x10 or 11x14 framed or you can add the size 12x12 unframed. I went with a 11x14 with picture of my daughter and laminated. I love the idea of the laminated because its safe from kids, you can display it and it will last forever.

The Day You Were Born Birthday Keepsake, has the following information on it which I love. It has "All About You" which is about the meaning of your name which is something else I love to collect. Next is "About the Day You Were Born" which has the information on who your child shares a birthday with, the headlines of the week, and famous events that happened on your birthday. After those 2 subjects you have "About the Year You Were Born", which is the best of the year in many categories, cost of items like milk, gas, stamp, etc.., top news stories and finally fun and fashion.

I really loved finding out some great fun facts about my daughter and I know when she is older she will love knowing things that had happened in her life time. I think back and I can remember when taking a vacation we would fill up in Georgia because gas was only .99 cents! Lol my daughter might not even really have much to learn with gas when she is old enough to drive, so it's great to have these fun facts.

You can buy this and so much more from I know a few other of my favorites are "Name Meaning" which you find out what decent your child's name comes from, the "Perfect Name for You" and Twilight Ladybug set which is a book about how animals and your child came about having their name along with a fun night light toy. My sister in fact had a chance to review this and you can see her post here.

Did you know that is not only limited to birthdays? You can do for weddings and anniversaries as well. Check out for your next gift idea. Just click here.

Win $25 towards a purchase at! Just fill out the rafflecopter below for your chance to win. Open to U.S. residents only. Contest will end 8-18-13

Running Out? Run In to Publix!

From July 17th through Aug 8th, look for the “Running Out? Run In.” event at Publix® to take advantage of great savings on some of your favorite brands from General Mills, like Trix, Go-gurt, Pampers and Gain.
Plus, if you buy $30 of participating* items from July 17-August 8th, you can mail in to receive a $10 Publix® gift card to use on your next shopping trip!

For more details on this great rebate, please visit

Win a $25 Gift card to Publix, Contest open to U.S. residents only, will end 8-11-13.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

HandAble Review and Giveaway


Casey and I visit theme parks a LOT. We see people every day struggling to get a photo of themselves in front of "Mission Space" and "Splash Mountain". Trying to hold y our phone or iPad and get a good shot isn't easy. That's where Hand-able comes in . 

With HandAble, you apply it to the back of your phone or tablet, then slide your fingers in and can hold your device with an open hand. 

I was really worried when I first tried it with my tablet. I thought for sure the HandAble would come off, or not feel secure. But, let me tell you. It is completely secure. My kids DRAG the tablet around by the hand-able and it hasn't fallen off yet!


One reader is going to WIN a black HandAble for themselves! Everyone else can purchase one here for just $12.95. 

Enter using the rafflecopter form below. Good Luck!


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Airwick Scented Oils National Parks Review

Anyone who knows me, knows how crazy I am about a great smelling home. I want to walk in and FEEL the scent..I want it to take me away...and bring me home at the same time. 

Airiwck is excited to introduce some new National Park scents!


America's national parks are a source of inspiration to all of us. That's why Air Wick® is proud to partner with the National Park Foundation in an effort to preserve and protect the very essence behind our National Park Collection of fragrances. We hope they inspire you as much as they have inspired us.

You can find the scent varieties in 
  • Grand Canyon- Cactus flower and warm breeze
  • American Samoa- Sweet coconut and island palms
  • Denali- Soft cotton grass and spring air
  • Gulf Sands- White sands and seashores
  • Hawaii- Exotic papaya and hibiscus flower
  • Virgin Islands- Tropical plumeria and sweet honeysuckle

Thursday, July 25, 2013

30someweeks Deodorant

When dragging 7 kids around a hot, sweaty theme park all day, I go through a LOT of deodorant. I mean a LOT of it. I carry it with me, nothing seems to last all day, and then I usually end up with some kind of heat rash under my arms and boobs.

I have been actively searching for a new deodorant. One that isn't manufactured in china, and made by someone who understands WHY I need to not be stinky.

Then, a friend, introduced me to 
The products made here, are hypo allergenic and toxin free. I was PRAYING they worked better than my walmart brand.

The first thing I noticed when I got my order was that there was no scent. It's ok, I don't think my arm pits should smell like summer breeze, I just want them to smell

The website says I can use this product ONE time in 24 hours, and it will last all, on to the test.

This week has been so busy with work and family being in and out of hospitals so I needed something strong and long lasting. This was a great week to test it.

The first day I used it, I worked a 9 hour shift and had no ac for the ride how it was 93 degrees. I remember the feeling of knowing I didn't have to worry about my deodorant, in fact, not only did I not have to worry, I didn't even have to think about worrying!  I completely forgot about deodorant.

At the end of the day, I asked my kids if I was smelly..they laughed and said "noooooooo!" Good times...

I definitely recommend for deodorant, I know I will be purchasing from them in the future! I know my sister had used it on places which she would get heat rash and was amazed that she didn't get it using

You can purchase your own here. A jar is $10 and a roll-on is $12.
Disclosure: I received deodorant for my review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Real Beanz Coffee with Giveaway!

Until the day my friend introduced me to my first "iced coffee, lots of cream lots of sugar" I wasn't really a coffee kind of girl.

I drank tea. I always had tea with cream and sugar.

Then, the one day when we went through a popular donut place drive-thru and she ordered us both an iced coffee, and from that day I was hooked.

Now, I can't go a day without coffee, I feel better, happier, more focused than without it. BUT I don't love driving in the morning to get it, so I usually keep another brand that comes in a bottle on hand at home.

Then, I discovered Real Beanz Coffee.


Asside from being great tasting coffee, each one has another benefit with added vitamins. 
  • Energize which has guarana and B vitamins
  • Trim and Fit which has added fiber
  • Resist which has green tea and calcium
  • Focus which has Ginko Biloba
  • Relax which has Chamomile and Lemon Balm
My favorites were focus, because it actually really helped me get school work done without getting stressed about it like I normally do, and the Relax which is decaffinated and I LOVE that I can drink it at also had a really soothing taste to it, almost like a tea but with a hint of coffee.

You can buy Real Beanz Coffee online here
A case of 12 bottles is about $24

Or you can find a store that sells it near you here.

Win a case of Real Beanz Coffee, Try every flavor! Enter the rafflecopter below for your chance to win! Contest will end 8-15-13 open to U.S. residents only.

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  Disclosure: I was given samples  to help with my review. All opinions are 100% mine. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

New Daily's Light! A Great Way to Cool Off & Lose this Summer!


I remember the first time I heard of Daily's. My sister Paige called me up and said "did you know you can buy an alcohol drink at Walmart for only $1.97!" From that day on I was hooked. Not only are Daily's an inexpensive frozen drink they really taste great! Every now and then me and my sister head out to pools to let the kids unwind and we bring along a few Daily's to enjoy pool side. I like that they are already frozen, so I just pop a straw in and I am good to go. 

I am not all about weight watching but I do look for different ways to save myself a few calories, by simple changes. So I was happy to find out that Daily's now came in  "Light" varieties!

Check out the new flavors of "light" drinks:
  • Light Strawberry Margarita
  • Light Pink Lemonade (Which supports breast cancer awareness)
  • Light Mango Passion Fruit Daiquiri
  • Light Margarita
My favorite is the Mango Passion Fruit Daiquiri, I was so happy that none of them really tasted light, but knowing they have less calories is a huge plus.

 Did you know Daily's added more flavors! I was so happy to get out and try!
  • Hurricane
  • Blue Hawaiian 
  • Pina Colada
  • Bahama Mama
I have to say, of the 4,  my favorite was the pina colada I am a huge fan of coconut.

Since these are only around $2 at Wal-Mart, I know i'll be buying them often....when dealing with 5 kids, I know I need a break every now and then. 

You can find Daily's in the grocery section of Walmart Superstores, or Walmart Market in the freezer section. You can also check out more on Daily's by visiting their sites on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest.

One reader is going to WIN a Daily's Prize Pack! Prize pack will include a $10 Wal-Mart gift card to purchase the new light flavors of Daily's for yourself, a Daily's Beach Towel, Sunglasses, Tumbler, Beach Ball and Travel Bag.

Please be 21 or older to enter. Open to U.S. residents only, contest will end 8-3-13

Disclosure: I received a Daily's Prize pack like the one I am giving away to help with my review. All opinions are 100% mine.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Free Codes Rentals from Redbox

Free DVD Rental Code: DVDONME (ongoing)
Free DVD Rental Code: BREAKROOM (ongoing)
Free DVD Rental Code: WALGREENS (ongoing) – only at Walgreen’s locations
Free DVD Rental Code: DVDATWAG (expiration unknown) – only at Walgreen’s
Free DVD Rental Code: DVDATMAC (expiration unknown) – only at McDonalds
Free DVD Rental Code: REDBOXHEB (expiration unknown) – only at HEB
Free DVD Rental Code: DVDATWEG (expiration unknown) – only at Wegman’s
Free DVD Rental Code: DVDKROG (expiration unknown) – only at Kroger
Free DVD Rental Code: DRIVEIN (expiration unknown) – only at Sonic

Happy Movie Watching : )

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

$50 Visa Gift Card

Yes its that simple! Fill out the rafflecopter below for a chance to win a $50 Visa Gift Card! Thanks for being a fan of Themeparkmama! Contest is open to everyone, contest will end 8-10-13.

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Its almost time for Hockey Season! Start the season off right with Mabel's Labels!

Get ready for the hockey season with the new Mabel's Labels hockey combo kit! This unique label combo pack has been created especially for the hockey players in your family! With the custom hockey stick labels, equipment labels, number labels & skate labels, you can keep all of your family's sports gear in order and make sure that all of the look-alike equipment gets into the right bag after the big game! Happy Labeling! 

Gloss Jewelry a Collection of Beauty

What women doesn't like nice fun and shinny things especially when they are cheap. Gloss Jewelry has name brand pieces priced for less everything on their site is under $59.

Gloss Jewelry has a bunch to choose from for all your needs. I picked out this crystal emerald bracelet because I love emeralds and it was not something over the top it had just enough class to it to make it a really nice piece.

Along with bracelets Gloss Jewelry also carries necklaces, scarfs, aprons, carriers, earrings and more. You really can find that one of a kind piece to go with any and everything you own on Gloss Jewelry.

Gloss Jewelry offer unique, exquisite jewelry at a great price. So, whether you are shopping for yourself or someone special, you will find what you are looking for at Gloss Jewelry. Gloss Jewelry offers a great selection of designers from all over the globe, along with being handcrafted by Artisans from around the world. Only the best  materials of the highest quality, are used to make a one of a kind piece.

Check out all the many great items from Gloss Jewelry. Just click here to see the wonders of making a feel women beautiful.

Buddy Fruits Joined up with the Smurfs.................2

My Kids love Buddy Fruits. I remember the first time they tried them they were on sale at Publix for a quarter each. Now I get to review their great products and it's always a fun surprise when I do. My recent review is of the Smurfs 2 Buddy Fruits which have some great fun flavors that kids will really enjoy. 

Recently Buddy Fruits has paired up with "The Smurfs 2" and launched a line of the product featuring your favorite Smurfs characters (as well as some new characters!). As well as the new packaging, Buddy Fruits and The Smurfs 2 have paired up on Facebook for a giveaway!

Entrants can have the opportunity to:

  • Win one of two family vacations for 4 to Paris
  • Smurf-ify themselves through a photo application on Facebook
  • Download wallpapers, coloring sets and win product prizes
You can enter the contest and check out the fun things here.  Contest ends Sept 2nd 2013 only on Facebook.

Win a the prize pack like the one above! Enter the Rafflecopter below, contest open to everyone. Contest will end 8-16-13. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Vivitar Full HD 1080P XVN1 Video Recorder Review

By looking at the picture I first saw of the Vivitar XVN1 Video Recorder I thought it was going to be a good size camera, like most out there.. a little over a mens wallet size. I was shocked at how small it really is. It's no bigger than a normal cell phone, which is great because it's easy to stick in any pocket.

The Vivitar XVN1 Video Recorder is a nice light weight HD video camera that has touch screen. I love that it is very simple the zoom in and out button is on the outside of the device so all you do is move your finger. The record button is located on the back of the camera so you can tap it like a pen and your recording with ease.

Vivitar XVN1 Video Recorder can record in 4 types of quality. 
  • Normal
  • High Bit Rate
  • Super Fine
  • Fine

Along with quality you can pick from 5 different types of resolutions.

Compact size, powerful features.  The Vivitar XVN-1 will blow you away with its crystal clear 1080p video and still image quality.  The XVN-1 is small and light enough to bring with you no matter where you go.  Sports events, family activities, and outdoor expeditions can be captured to remember forever.  Enhanced 4x Digital Zoom and a bright 3" Touch Screen LCD make this DVR easy to use, even for the beginner.

I know as a mom, I often find myself sometimes thinking  if anything happens to me will my kids have photos or video of me? I really enjoyed the time lapse film feature. You can do it with 3 different settings 1 minute, 3 minutes, and 30 minutes. Great for making a video of myself for the kids to have one day.

I like how I can use my memory card to record and store video. I don't have to worry about a disk, or video tape just stick in a memory card and go. The camera also downloads and charges with just the use of a USB cord so you can use it anywhere.

There are many settings for recording on the Vivitar XVN1 Video Recorder. You have sand/snow, fireworks, aquarium, and 7 others to choose from, that's a lot of options! Also, you have lighting options which I myself always prefer auto so I don't have to think as much, but you have 6 options to choose if you want.

One of my favorite features of the camera has to be the sepia setting. It makes it look like your doing an old film. You can also choose black and white, art, and 3 other effects.

I used the Vivitar XVN1 Video Recorder to record my kids saying hello and bye, this is on the auto setting on an overcast rainy day.

I used the Vivitar XVN1 Video Recorder to record  fireworks we set off so you can see how well it records in the night. I didn't know of the fireworks feature until the following day so this is normal on auto nighttime.

Last I recorded my kids once again saying hello and bye only using the sepia setting. I really love this feature of the camera because it makes it like your recording a old film.

I really enjoy my Vivitar XVN1 Video Recorder and use it daily on all kinds of things. I love the idea of having a video camera because you never know what you might capture. You can purchase this camera in 3 colors red, blue and black.

Check out the Vivitar XVN1 Video Camera by clicking here.

Need Light? Save 15% off Select Lighting from Zinc Door

Lights can create the perfect space while adding a bold and beautiful statement to your home decor. If you've been looking for the perfect lighting fixture then I have a sale for you! Zinc Door is offering 15% off select lighting with promo code TWINKLE valid through 8/14! Browse stunning chandeliers, table lamps and many other stylish lighting essentials! Happy Shopping!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Win a Space Warriors Dvd and Play a Fun Game While Doing So

Six highly skilled teenagers are handpicked to be part of a summer space camp competition at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. As the competition heats up, the kids have no idea that their ultimate challenge will be to solve a life or death crisis aboard the International Space Station as the world anxiously watches.

Starring: Thomas Horn, Danny Glover, Josh Lucas, Dermot Mulroney, Mira Sorvino and Booboo Stewart. Space Warriors is the second film in the Walden Family Theater original lineup featuring great family entertainment, airing Friday nights exclusively on Hallmark Channel.

Walden Family Theater is creating films for the whole family to enjoy together, so make sure to mark your calendars and gather around the television to watch all the great upcoming films!

Past films include: "The Chronicles of Narnia" series, "Holes", "Nim's Island", "Charlotte's Web", and "Return to Nim's Island."
Official Space Warriors Website:
Official Space Warriors Trailer:

Prize: One winner will receive - Space Warriors (Blu-ray + DVD + VUDU Digital Copy) (Walmart Exclusive)

Contest open to U.S. residents only, ends 7-23-13 just fill out rafflecopter below.

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Nuk Products that Clean! and Wow! and Giveaway!

Yuck! That baby bottle is foggy. Probably because it needs a nice deep clean, and what better way to clean than with a NUK No Scratch Bottle Wand. The Wand is great. It fits into every kind of bottle. It has a huge head which you can place some liquid soap on and spin it inside the bottle and pull it out for a clean and clear bottle. The bottom of the NUK No Scratch Bottle Wand has a smaller brush stored in it for use on nipples or smaller parts of baby items. I have used baby brushes for a long time now and I really love the design of the NUK No Scratch Bottle Wand. It has suction at the bottom so you can have it sit up right at the sink and find it easy when ready to use. They work great on water bottles, sippy cups and any other everyday cup that you might use.

After washing your bottle, cup or what ever else you might need it to be dry right away, so what better way than a NUK Bottle Drying Wand. The NUK Bottle Drying Wand which you use like you would the NUK No Scratch Bottle Wand, but it dries everything. When using the NUK Bottle Drying Wand while you spin the cloths abosorb the water which is left in the bottle within seconds of using. Like the other it to has a suction cup as well for easy finding.

If you don't have the time or don't need the bottle right away, check out NUK Fast Dry Bottle Rack. I used a bunch of drying racks with my first kids and they worked great but they didn't really have room for a lot of bottles and the water would collect under the bottles which was gross.  NUK Fast Dry Bottle Rack took care of all these issues. Think of a tree, its tall and has branches, this is what the NUK Fast Dry Bottle Rack looks like. I really wish I had this with my other kids because its very cool, first off the rack holds up to 8 bottles, has a fan which runs on batteries which sends air flow throughout the tree. The NUKs Fast Dry Bottle Rack is round so it takes up less space, collects the water at the bottom away from the bottles and nipples. Even if you don't wish to do the batteries in the drying rack you still will have faster cleaner drying results then the normal bottle drying rack.

Don't have the time to wash everything by hand? NUK has a Expandable Dishwasher Basket. What this is, is a basket which you can stick your baby bottle nipples, pacifiers or anything that is small but can be washed in a dishwasher in. The NUK Expandable Dishwasher Basket is great because it holds more, with easy access to either side to get the nipples in, out and clean.

You can check out everything NUK has to offer by clicking here. Also check out what other great products I got to review from NUK by clicking on my post below. 

Newborn to Toddler NUK has You Covered
NUK Breast Feeding Products

Win everything I talked about on this page, that's right everything. Win the expandable dishwasher basket, the dryer wand, no scratch wand and the fast dry bottle rack. Contest open to U.S. residents only will end 8-3-13.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
 Disclosure: I was given 2 bottle brushes and bottle rack, and dishwasher basket to help with my review. All opinions are 100% mine.

Nuk New Breast Feeding Products Review and Giveaway!

NUK Expressive Breast Pump is new to the market and is great. The NUK breast pump has a wider head which is flexible to make for a great connection around the breast for better pumping results.

When you purchase your NUK breast pump the box is sealed so you know that everything is new and untouched. The NUK pump comes with a 5oz bottle to collect milk along with a slow flow nipple so your ready to feed as soon as you pump.

I had great results using the pump, I liked how the handle and bottle were easy to hold while pumping. I have tried others before which had a hard plastic head which when milk would stray would make a huge mess along with making it harder to place on the breast again. The NUK breast pump is great because the silicone head shapes to your breast making for a great suction and less mess.

NUK breast pump is very easy to clean. There are less parts to worry about getting lost in the washing process or to break. NUK is a trusted brand for over 50 years and they are donating 1% of all sales to breast cancer research.

First time having a baby? Not really sure on what to do with the pump, no worries, each and every pump comes with easy to read instructions on how to get the best results.

I found myself going back to work sooner then I had thought so I needed a way to store my milk so that my child could get the best while I was not around. NUK has come out with 2 new products for milk storage. The first one is not really new for NUK but it is new and improved, which are Seal' n Go bags which zip up and are freezer safe. What makes the bags so great is that you can write the date on which you place the milk in them and know which needs to be used first when feeding baby.

The other new product is the NUK milk bag storage rack, which is a neat way to keep all the bags from falling over in the fridge, and in one spot. The Storage rack can safely hold up to 10 bags! If your worn out or couldn't find a pen this is a great product to have it makes figuring out which is first to use and which was last, you place the new bag on the top and pull the bottom bag out from bottom which would be the oldest of the milk. The NUK storage rack is dishwasher safe.

All 3 products mentioned in this review donate 1% to breast cancer research.  I have been a long time fan of NUK and will continue to recommend these great products to friends and family.

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Disclosure: I was given NUK Manuel Breast Pump, Milk Storage Bags, Milk Storage Bag Holder to help with my review. All opinions are 100% mine.

Newborn to Toddler NUK has You Covered and Giveaway!

When you have your baby you only want the best, and NUK has great products which make caring for baby easy and soothing.

When the baby is a newborn, they depend on baby bottles and pacifiers to soothe them. NUK has stages of pacifiers which each has a different fit to your infants needs and fit to their mouth. The NUK has a great design which folds up towards the baby's roof which allows the tongue to get a grip on the nipple for soothing suction.  I have used these with all my kids and had great results, I also love how you can purchase them pretty much anywhere, which is great for when they go MIA on a long trip.

NUK bottles work the same. Each has stage of slow to fast with a recommended age on each package. The nipple of the NUK bottles are also in the bent shape for great soothing suction which also means less air in bottle or babies tummy.  The NUK bottles also have different things for the age of your child as they grow, you can get normal bottles or ones with handles for teaching your child how to hold onto a bottle making life a little less stressful for yourself : )

When your infant grows you will soon see cute little teeth breaking through their gums which means time for brushing. NUK has toothbrushes which are 3 sided so they cover all areas of the babies/toddlers teeth. There are 2 sizes in handles for each brush for your needs. The longer handle is for infant and the smaller is for toddler because at this age you can start to teach them how to do it themselves. Each handle has a rubber grip so you won't lose it while brushing your infants teeth.

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Disclosure: I was given bottles, pacifiers, and toothbrushes to help with my review. All opinions are 100% mine.