Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Aio Wireless A New Way to Wireless

So you might have started seeing all kinds of advertising for Aio. I know I have seen it on buses, billboards, tv commercials and more.

So what is Aio? Aio is a new way to wireless. How? Lets say you bought a smartphone but its pretty much only used with the contract they have right? Aio can take your phone and now make it a pay by month contract without the worries of being tied down to a cell phone plan.

Aio participates in many ways to give back to the community they have just recently done a scholarship for a number of kids in need. They are always looking for ways to help with the community's.

You can purchase Aio Wireless by clicking here also you can visit one of there many stores throughout by clicking here to find your nearest location. Plans start at only $55 a month and that is with UNLIMITED TALK AND TEXT! yes UNLIMITED drop your cell phone plan and switch to Aio  "A New Way to Wireless"

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