Monday, July 29, 2013 Day You Were Born Birthday Keepsake plus Giveaway!

I love collecting the little birthday keepsakes for my kids to remind me, and them, how small they once were or what kind of event happened in their life. So, it was great to get a chance to review the Day You Were Born Birthday Keepsake.

I have had some of these made for my oldest kids before, but the last few kids I missed so I choose Sarah as my subject. I went with a cute "Little Princess" theme for the frame which I really really loved. When you choose to do a Day You Were Born Birthday Keepsake, you can pick from the following sizes, 8x10 or 11x14 framed or you can add the size 12x12 unframed. I went with a 11x14 with picture of my daughter and laminated. I love the idea of the laminated because its safe from kids, you can display it and it will last forever.

The Day You Were Born Birthday Keepsake, has the following information on it which I love. It has "All About You" which is about the meaning of your name which is something else I love to collect. Next is "About the Day You Were Born" which has the information on who your child shares a birthday with, the headlines of the week, and famous events that happened on your birthday. After those 2 subjects you have "About the Year You Were Born", which is the best of the year in many categories, cost of items like milk, gas, stamp, etc.., top news stories and finally fun and fashion.

I really loved finding out some great fun facts about my daughter and I know when she is older she will love knowing things that had happened in her life time. I think back and I can remember when taking a vacation we would fill up in Georgia because gas was only .99 cents! Lol my daughter might not even really have much to learn with gas when she is old enough to drive, so it's great to have these fun facts.

You can buy this and so much more from I know a few other of my favorites are "Name Meaning" which you find out what decent your child's name comes from, the "Perfect Name for You" and Twilight Ladybug set which is a book about how animals and your child came about having their name along with a fun night light toy. My sister in fact had a chance to review this and you can see her post here.

Did you know that is not only limited to birthdays? You can do for weddings and anniversaries as well. Check out for your next gift idea. Just click here.

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