Tuesday, July 30, 2013

DiGiorno Pizzeria! Win a Pizzeria Kit!

I buy frozen pizza often because it's a fast easy meal. But, lets face it. Most don't taste that great. So, I tried DiGiorno Pizzeria! pizza, and wow it's like the commercial says "Its not delivery, it's DiGiorno!" It is so good and now DiGiorno has come out with a new type of pizza the Pizzeria.


The pizza has a preservative free crust and vine ripened tomatoes. This is definitely a pizza the whole family will enjoy.
The pizzeria! pizzas come in 4 varieties.
  • pizzeria! from DIGIORNO® Quattro Formaggi/Four Cheese features the perfect bubbling combination of mozzarella, fontina, parmesan and pecorino romano cheeses.
  • pizzeria! from DIGIORNO® Supreme Speciale offers a delectable blend of premium meats and vegetables including Italian sausage, premium pepperoni, red and green peppers and caramelized onions.
  • pizzeria! from DIGIORNO® Primo Pepperoni takes a classic to new heights, with the perfect combination of savory pepperoni and premium cheeses.
  • pizzeria! from DIGIORNO® Italian Meat Trio features an antipasto-inspired combination of premium meats including pepperoni, Italian sausage and Genoa salami.

I normally only make a pizza and it feeds the family. It's a great meal for when I am not home and I am at work. This last time though we made it while I was home, it came out of the oven I got this pic and came back and nothing was left! Ahh I didn't even get a crumb lol my family ate it like it was candy it was that good they said. I can tell you one thing even though I didn't get a chance at it, it looked very good!

I finally had a chance to try it later on, and it's to good to go back to what we used to buy for frozen pizza. We are a DiGiorno family all the way!

Win  a pizzeria! kit for a giveaway that includes product coupons, a wooden pizza peel, chef’s apron and pizza cutter. Offer open to U.S. residents only, contest will end 8-6-13

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