Friday, July 12, 2013

Nuk New Breast Feeding Products Review and Giveaway!

NUK Expressive Breast Pump is new to the market and is great. The NUK breast pump has a wider head which is flexible to make for a great connection around the breast for better pumping results.

When you purchase your NUK breast pump the box is sealed so you know that everything is new and untouched. The NUK pump comes with a 5oz bottle to collect milk along with a slow flow nipple so your ready to feed as soon as you pump.

I had great results using the pump, I liked how the handle and bottle were easy to hold while pumping. I have tried others before which had a hard plastic head which when milk would stray would make a huge mess along with making it harder to place on the breast again. The NUK breast pump is great because the silicone head shapes to your breast making for a great suction and less mess.

NUK breast pump is very easy to clean. There are less parts to worry about getting lost in the washing process or to break. NUK is a trusted brand for over 50 years and they are donating 1% of all sales to breast cancer research.

First time having a baby? Not really sure on what to do with the pump, no worries, each and every pump comes with easy to read instructions on how to get the best results.

I found myself going back to work sooner then I had thought so I needed a way to store my milk so that my child could get the best while I was not around. NUK has come out with 2 new products for milk storage. The first one is not really new for NUK but it is new and improved, which are Seal' n Go bags which zip up and are freezer safe. What makes the bags so great is that you can write the date on which you place the milk in them and know which needs to be used first when feeding baby.

The other new product is the NUK milk bag storage rack, which is a neat way to keep all the bags from falling over in the fridge, and in one spot. The Storage rack can safely hold up to 10 bags! If your worn out or couldn't find a pen this is a great product to have it makes figuring out which is first to use and which was last, you place the new bag on the top and pull the bottom bag out from bottom which would be the oldest of the milk. The NUK storage rack is dishwasher safe.

All 3 products mentioned in this review donate 1% to breast cancer research.  I have been a long time fan of NUK and will continue to recommend these great products to friends and family.

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Disclosure: I was given NUK Manuel Breast Pump, Milk Storage Bags, Milk Storage Bag Holder to help with my review. All opinions are 100% mine.