Friday, July 12, 2013

Nuk Products that Clean! and Wow! and Giveaway!

Yuck! That baby bottle is foggy. Probably because it needs a nice deep clean, and what better way to clean than with a NUK No Scratch Bottle Wand. The Wand is great. It fits into every kind of bottle. It has a huge head which you can place some liquid soap on and spin it inside the bottle and pull it out for a clean and clear bottle. The bottom of the NUK No Scratch Bottle Wand has a smaller brush stored in it for use on nipples or smaller parts of baby items. I have used baby brushes for a long time now and I really love the design of the NUK No Scratch Bottle Wand. It has suction at the bottom so you can have it sit up right at the sink and find it easy when ready to use. They work great on water bottles, sippy cups and any other everyday cup that you might use.

After washing your bottle, cup or what ever else you might need it to be dry right away, so what better way than a NUK Bottle Drying Wand. The NUK Bottle Drying Wand which you use like you would the NUK No Scratch Bottle Wand, but it dries everything. When using the NUK Bottle Drying Wand while you spin the cloths abosorb the water which is left in the bottle within seconds of using. Like the other it to has a suction cup as well for easy finding.

If you don't have the time or don't need the bottle right away, check out NUK Fast Dry Bottle Rack. I used a bunch of drying racks with my first kids and they worked great but they didn't really have room for a lot of bottles and the water would collect under the bottles which was gross.  NUK Fast Dry Bottle Rack took care of all these issues. Think of a tree, its tall and has branches, this is what the NUK Fast Dry Bottle Rack looks like. I really wish I had this with my other kids because its very cool, first off the rack holds up to 8 bottles, has a fan which runs on batteries which sends air flow throughout the tree. The NUKs Fast Dry Bottle Rack is round so it takes up less space, collects the water at the bottom away from the bottles and nipples. Even if you don't wish to do the batteries in the drying rack you still will have faster cleaner drying results then the normal bottle drying rack.

Don't have the time to wash everything by hand? NUK has a Expandable Dishwasher Basket. What this is, is a basket which you can stick your baby bottle nipples, pacifiers or anything that is small but can be washed in a dishwasher in. The NUK Expandable Dishwasher Basket is great because it holds more, with easy access to either side to get the nipples in, out and clean.

You can check out everything NUK has to offer by clicking here. Also check out what other great products I got to review from NUK by clicking on my post below. 

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Win everything I talked about on this page, that's right everything. Win the expandable dishwasher basket, the dryer wand, no scratch wand and the fast dry bottle rack. Contest open to U.S. residents only will end 8-3-13.

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 Disclosure: I was given 2 bottle brushes and bottle rack, and dishwasher basket to help with my review. All opinions are 100% mine.