Sunday, August 4, 2013

AquaChef A Healthier Way to Cook


I recently had the chance to review the AquaChef Smart Cooker.  I have a crock pot which I use often because with my 5 kids, the blog and full time work its hard to find time cook a huge meal. I was happy when the AquaChef arrived at my door, I thought whoo a new crock pot even though it looked a lot like a deep fryer, but I was wrong at least on the fryer part.  I was shocked at what the AquaChef was not only was it like my crock pot but it makes healthier meals, less clean up and cooks in record time to a crock pot.  How does it work?  You simply take your protein of choice, seal it in the provided bags, and drop it into the AquaChef. 15-30 minutes later, you have a healthy delicious meal, with no added fat or calories. The Aqua Chef LOCKS in the flavor into each pouch.

Here are a few facts about  the AquaChef
 The secret of the AquaChef is that air never touches your food. By sealing your food air-tight, your food retains 100% of the moisture, flavor, and nutrients. Your food cooks in its own natural juices, evenly at a precise temperature all the way through. Meaning from edge to edge your food will cook perfectly. And since the AquaChef transfers heat better than ordinary air ovens, your food will cook faster, more efficient, and perfectly every time. In the AquaChef your food will never cook past the finished temperature, no matter how long it cooks. Just set the AquaChef for the results you want and get perfect, mouthwatering meals every time…guaranteed!  


You can purchase your own AquaChef here for $99.99. 

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