Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Backyard Safari The Must Have for Young Explorers!

My son Michael is a nature freak the child as always been in the dirt and bringing all kinds of animals, in fact right now we own 4 frogs, 1 bull frog and a skink thanks to him and his Backyard Safari tools.

I love the Backyard Safari toys, they are very durable and help any outdoor explore. Lets start with your basic the vest. The Backyard Safari Cargo Vest ($19.99) is great, you can attach your explore badges on it as you buy each item from Backyard Safari. I told my kids its like boy scouts but saves me money since I am not paying for a class lol, they love collecting the badges we have about 6 total right now.

The Backyard Safari toys are a huge line of products for everything to explore the great outdoors, you can catch a butterfly with the Mini Scoop Net ($5.99)  or catch big frogs at night while using your Mini Lantern ($7.99)  after all that work place your bugs in your Critter Shack ($7.99) and my personally favorite, it is a must on any trip we take to the park Michael always has it by his side for all the strange critters he comes across.

Bugs running away from you suck them up! Yes they have a vacuum to suck up bugs and trap them so you can deposit them into the Backyard Land and Water Habitat ($24.99) The Backyard Land and Water Habitat is a great started piece for keeping all the frogs and insects they wish to own in a nice save place. Going up high, use your helpful Field Binocs ($11.99) to spot those bugs from a mile away! Have your friend play spotter and keep in touch with the Walkie Talkies ($39.99) you can communicate up to a half a mile!

I love the Backyard Safari toys, I try and buy one for Michael every birthday and Christmas and I buy a bunch of the Critter Shacks throughout the year because well he loves the great outdoors! Look for Backyard Safari Toys in your local retail stores.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way.

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