Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cool Off Lo-Cal Style with Your Own Creation at Sonic!

Did you know Sonic has a lot of flavors you can add to your drinks?!? Making for a combination of 398,929 drinks combos! That's a lot to go through and try but I made a few of my own fun creations under 60 calories! Of the 398,929 only lol ONLY : )   20,064 are under 60 calories!  Flavor add-ins are only .25 cents each flavor.

 Mix any of the following flavors with Coke Zero®, Diet Coke®, Diet Dr Pepper®, Sprite Zero® or unsweetened iced tea for a low calorie option:
cherry • vanilla • strawberry • lemonlime • pineapple • cranberry • chocolate • watermelon • grape • orange • Powerade® • blue coconut • green apple • low-cal diet cherry • peach (sugar free) • raspberry (sugar free)

I tried the strawberry with cranberry and sprite, which I called my "Goberry Rite", it was really really good the mango and cranberry gave it a nice kick along with the sprite making it like a seltzer drink.

The next one I tried was Diet Pepper , with cranberry, cherry, "Ann Berry Pep" which it had a interesting taste really the cherry stood out the most making it more like a cherry soda but healthy.

Watermelon and Sprite yummy "Water Bright!" I cheated on this one and used a slush : ) I couldn't help my self it was so good.

Diet Coke with peach lol yeah doesn't sound that great but really it turned out drinkable, you could barely taste the peach it helped mask the normal after taste of diet drinks so I was pleasantly pleased. I called this one "Hidden Peach".

Finally for my last drink I went a little crazy and did, Diet Dr Pepper, with vanilla, chocolate, and cherry. It was like a diet milk shake, I did drink it but it was not my favorite, the flavors did blend well though and it tasted like a Cosmo. I called this creation my "Diet Mess".

Sonic has all the drinks you need to cool off for the summer Sonic has all these flavors to choose from to make your own fun creation, so what will you come up with? Happy hour is from 2-4 making all drinks half off! Milkshakes are half off after 8pm.  Find out where your closest Sonic is by clicking here and be per paired to get your drink on!

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