Friday, August 9, 2013

Gerber Graduates Review and Giveaway!

 When I had my second son, I was babysitting a little girl who was about 3 years old and her mom would always pack her lunch, this was my first intro to Gerber Graduates. The meals she had were awesome you had a main dish, veggies and it was to toddler proportion. I started to buy them for my own kids after that. 

But did you know that Gerber Graduates is not limited to only food? They have all kinds of food keeper products as well!

Just recently I was able to sample some of Gerber Graduates pieces like sippy cups, snack keeper and a place mat. Love them!

Lets start with the Advanced Developmental Cups aka the Sippy Cup, did you know there are different stages of sippy? You can pick which would best work for your toddler. When you first start on sippy cups most parents like the idea of handles and soft nipple, since it has a soft nipple the toddler will probably take to it more since it is closest to that of a nipple on a bottle, the handles allow for a easier grip. 

Next, or if your toddler is going through a teething stage you might wanna try the harder cup like rim which is kinda like what an adult uses for coffee only harder top. This helps the toddler learn to tip a drink, as well as keeps both the cup and child happy through the process. 

Finally you have your last stage, this is what I call a life saver. It is a straw sippy so instead of tipping the toddler has to learn to really suck. Why I love it so much is that now my toddler can use a straw so if I happen to forget a sippy cup (yeah it happens) I know that it will not be to hard to get them to drink from a straw. Gerber Graduates Advanced Developmental Cups are a great way to help your toddler to be more self sufficient and feel like a big kid.

So we have drinks covered, what about snacks? Gerber Graduates has made 3 interlocking snack containers that have a removable ice pack! How cool is that. Not only do you have a fresh snack, you can have fruits or other cooler things for a snack thanks to these cups. Each cup has a measurement system so you can track portions, a tight twist top to keep foods fresh and of course the ice pack. Its a great item to have when you have a toddler.  Also a added bonus you can write your child's name in the special spot on the cup so that if they are in a preschool or day care the teacher knows who owns what.

Finally you have the 100% silicone place mat which you can use as a place mat keeping dishes in place, or you can use as the dish. I really like the place mat it fits great into almost all highchair covers, keeping food in place and less mess. Its dishwasher safe. You can roll up the place mat and bring it with you almost everywhere. Its a great on the go item that gives you peace of mind while out and about. 

Gerber Graduates all have a 100% spill proof guaranteed that if you have your lid on correctly that nothing will get on your outfit, child or car seat. You can find Gerber Graduate items in all major retail stores, as well as online. Here are a few of my favorites that you can purchase through Amazon.

Win the Sippy Cups,and Place Mat enter the rafflecopter below for your chance to win. Contest open to U.S. residents only. Contest ends 8/24/12