Monday, August 12, 2013

Milana by Genie Bra and Cami Shaper Review and Giveaway

Are you wearing a Genie Bra? If not you're missing out! I am in love with the Genie Bra!

For me I think the Genie Bra was one of the first "As seen on Tv" ads that stood out when it was being played on tv, now you can find the Genie Bra in Walmart!

The Genie Bra is an awesome full coverage bra. The best part is, there are no snaps! You pull it over your head. I was really impressed with the Milana by Genie Bra. As soon as I received it, I placed it on and right away noticed its comfort! The bra has a padded insert for nipple protection. You can also remove the foam if you're wanting a more plain look but the foam is there so you're not telling the world "Look at me I am cold!" basically. The foam does not add to your boobs making them bigger then what they are, it complements your boobs and gives them a great round shape.

The Milana by Genie Bra has wide sides keeping all that unwanted skin in, and comfy. It also has wider straps for better support. I find that the Genie Bra would make a great nursing bra! With my 5 kids I have tried it all and I hated the nursing bras its like "okay my nipple does not line up with this hole so now what?" With the Genie bra just lift a side and you're good to go! No messing with a clip no messing with your boob to get it in that perfect spot just lift. The wide sides and cups keep you covered cool and in place!

The Genie Bra has the support of a sports bra but with the flattering of a bra making it so you don't have a uniboob and are not squished flat so you have nothing. You get a nice full round shape. I tested my bra out while working a 5 hour shift it was so comfy I forgot I even had one. The Genie bra comes in 2 types plain, and now with lace. I really love the lace idea because if your wearing a top that is well a little low the Genie Bra steps in and covers making it a really nice proper blouse.

Now on to the Genie Bra Cami Shaper. The Cami Shaper is a great peace for those of us who want to hide a little of our extra baggage :) It is your Genie Bra on top but from what would be the band on the Genie Bra is now comes down, and tucks in those extra pounds but not killing you in the process. Its a light weight fabric that covers your tummy tucking it in but leaving you looking and feeling great. I am now switching between the 2 often for work there are a few outfits that its nice to have a little tuck lol.

I really love these products from Genie, and I know you will as well. Find them at your local Walmart or you can view their website here.

Win Genie Bra and one Cami-Shaper of your own! Fill out the rafflecopter below for your chance to win, offer open to U.S. residents only. Contest will end 8/30/13

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 Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way.