Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pure a Organic Fruit Snack!

 I love fruit and it's hard to purchase when you're the only one who likes it because well it goes bad before I can get to it, so Pure is the next best thing for my fruit needs.

When I was little I always looked forward to picking out the real fruit rolls from the grocery store as I grew older they became harder to find which I then found the real fruit strips!

Pure Fruit and Veggie Strips my favorite so I thought til I tried the Fruit Sandwich! The Fruit and Veggie Strips are still one of my favorites they have 2/3 of a serving of fruit and veggie in each strip.  You would never know there was veggies in it. It is super good and easy to pack. I love the strips because I can fit them in my bill fold or checking book and have a tasty snack ready and waiting when I want it. They are flat strips that are just the right size that you could fit in your wallet if you really wanted. The strips come in Wild Berry Apple and Strawberry Apple.

Pure makes all kinds of fruity snacks that taste extremely good. I am not a fan at all of strawberry banana because most of the time the banana drowns out the strawberry, but the Fruit Sandwich meshed the two flavors to perfection. The New Fruit Sandwich from Pure is kinda what its says they take a layer of fruit followed with another layer of fruit finished with layer of fruit. The top layer of fruit and bottom are thin and the middle is a little ticker but they are evened out in this process making the whole experience wonderful. I had a hard time not eating the whole box in one sitting : )   The Fruit Sandwiches come in 2 sets of flavors Strawberry & Banana and Pineapple & Passion Fruit I really love the pineapple and passion fruit it has a great sweet but tart flavor to it. My daughter Sarah was by me while I was trying them so I broke off a piece, she wanted more, I didn't want to share lol but I gave her about half.

Pure Ancient Grain Bars have whole grains that are great for your health, Hemp, Flax, Quinoa and Amaranth.  I got to try the Triple Berry, its like a granola bar but more fruity. The Pure Ancient Grain Bar also comes in Chocolate Chunk Nut. The Pure Ancient Grain Bar is not sweet like you would think of when you purchase normal grain bars it is very earthy tasting which was a huge plus normally I cannot get through a bar because its so rich with flavor the Pure Ancient Grain Bar where perfect.

Banana Coconut Bar just reading that doesn't it sound great!!! Creamy organic coconut, bananas, and walnuts with fiber and protein. Wow okay so looks it doesn't look appealing but taste wow WOW its very very good its the perfect combo of coconut and banana it taste like a pina colada. Yum! 

Look for Pure products in your health food stores, Whole Foods and local grocery stores organic section, you will love every penny of your purchase. You can also see what other great products Pure has to offer by visiting there site here.

Win a 12ct Box of Pure Fruit Bars, contest will end 9/9/13 Open to U.S. residents only

 Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way.