Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sprout Baby Foods

My daughter is at a great age that she is learning to eat on her own. Sprout Organic Toddler Meals are a great way to help her learn and feed herself.

I love that all the food is 100% Organic so I do not have to worry about her putting harmful dyes, processed meats or anything in her body that I myself would not want to eat. Less worry makes for a happy mom and healthy baby.

Each Sprout product is protion to the child. You can purchase Sprout Meals which are a 6.5oz box of meats and veggies. The meals come in 6 choices of meat and veggie.

Like all baby food products they have stages on which your infant to toddler should be wanting to test out the foods. The meat and veggie meals are marked with a T so you know for a toddler and up.

Sprout Organic Baby Food is a great place to start when you want your infant to have the best. Each package of Sprout Organic Baby Food comes in a air tight twist off cap pouch which I love because you can bring them almost everywhere and you can trash once finished. I love the pouch over glass any day because I do not have to worry about the glass being broken, you never know one time after feeding my daughter I noticed that under the label the glass was cracked she could have ingested shavings without me even knowing.

Sprout Organic Baby Food has many packages to choose from, but I still stray from the meats but I did let her try a package for the review and she loved it which others I will not even buy. I was impressed that the meat didn't have the normal unwelcome smell to it I am sure this is because its organic.

My daughter loves the fruits, so I often give her her own pouch on which she sucks on and eats on her own she even has learned that when she is done to toss it. Sprout has a unique samples of fruits and veggies some I have never seen like Zucchini and Apple, Pear Kiwi and Spinach, which I would never have thought to give my daughter but once again she loved! How great was it to introduce such different foods to her and her to love them, it made my life easier because the more she liked the less picky she was.

On top of the meals and pouches they also have Crispy Chews (gummies), which what kid doesn't like gummies? I ate a few packs myself lol they are great. What makes the gummies neat is they are also a combination of fruit and veggie like Tropical Fruit and Pumpkin, or Red Berrie and Beet.

Check out your local Whole Foods, or Organic Shop to get the best products for you little one. You can see all the many places to purchase Sprout Products by clicking here.

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