Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Tampa, FL!

So I grew up in Central Florida I am one of the few who have been born and raised so you kinda learn the ins and outs of what to do.

This year I had a chance to visit Busch Gardens Tampa FL Christmas Town. I had never heard of this before!

When you live in the central Florida area you look for ways to enjoy the park and cheapest way possible. I have learned with a lot of Holidays there comes specials like Christmas Town which kids are only $10 and adults are about half a days ticket for that you get 5 hours of most of the popular rides and holiday fun for a fraction of the cost.

Christmas Town is a special ticket which you can purchase online or at the attraction (while supplies last) you pay your normal parking price and park at the park time is from 6 pm-11 pm. The time is what attracts me the most to the parks because the sun is not out and its cooler at night.

When you first walk into Busch Gardens the area is lit up in Christmas fashion it looks as if no tree has gone untouched everything is decorated with a theme to the area. Snow is a fun added bonus to the holiday sprit which is off in a tent to the side of Gwazi. Snow is in 3 sections, Target Practice which you make your own snow balls and throw them at targets throughout the range. Slopes which you get in a tube and race down a hill against 8-9 people and finally a area which you can play in snow and has a bunch of great photo opts. The snow area also had a smaller spot to side for those under 3. I will admit it was fun but they do not allow snow ball fights :(   but still for a Floridian or anyone who doesn't get to enjoy the cold it was still fun you could make a snow man or snow angel.


Most all of the popular rides are open, which makes it even more fun cause Busch Gardens is well known for its rollarcoasters, this is a great experience to enjoy at night it makes it all more trilling! Busch Gardens has a Christmas Caroling train which you ride while singing your favorite Christmas songs along with seeing some of the animals. While we were on the train the Zebras happened to be running back in forth so we had to come to a stop one almost got close enough to touch!

Next time your in town for the Christmas season check out Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Tampa, FL.

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