Thursday, December 5, 2013

Gaylord Palms Resort Orlando Florida Presents Frosty the Snowman in ICE!

Do you like the cold? How about 9 degrees! Ice is a truly unique experience which is held every year at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando Florida. Each year the resort brings in billions and billions of ice which is cut and chainsaws and however else turned into amazing ice sculptures.

This years theme of Frosty the Snowman takes you through the story of Frosty, It starts with him being made and ends with him going home with Santa. I found this years event different because at the end of it all it shows you just how much work goes into these ice sculptures. Did you know they have already started on next years project! That's right it takes a full year to complete the ice spectacular. They even had a guy putting on finishing touches as we walked the tour. Oh yes lets not forget to mention the ICE SLIDES which both kids and adults can have fun on. Hints on getting down the ice slide....sit on your jacket provided at the entrance, and keep your feet up in towards your chest lean back and glide!

When you first walk into Ice you get to watch a short film, followed with getting your jackets (you will want to snap, zip and do whatever the jacket offers to keep it tight and warm) , and finally taking a picture with the family (they give you a colored ticket which hold onto till the end). At the end of the tour they have tissues and hand sanitizer, followed with a place to give back your jacket, picture pick up which is additional cost, nice gift shop, a smaller stage which has live performers signing Christmas carols and a Gingerbread Cookie decoration spot which you can decorate a cookie.

Ice requires additional purchase, parking is $18 for the day. You can purchase Ice tickets by clicking here. I highly recommend gloves your hands will be in a lot of pain from the bitter cold, hats or beanies are a plus also. If you have younger kids have colored socks on them or something that you can identify the feet because everyone looks the same you can tell your kid apart by getting in there face or shoes : )

When staying at the Resort or even if your visiting Ice you can go and catch Luminescence-featuring the Edge Efftect .The show is in the main building and is about 30mins, they had the drummer in the sky and  a woman doing airal arts and light effects, it is great! Free to all guest! The Gaylord Palms goes all out for decorations through out the buildings making you really experience the Holiday spirit.

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