Friday, February 28, 2014

The Ninja Ultima Blender.............Big Family..................No Problem!

The Ninja Ultima!

I love getting smoothies and frappes but its one of those things that I get as a special treat because they cost so much, but now I can make my own! The Ninja Ultima Blender is the blender of blenders!

Lets start off with what it is, okay so its a blender well comes with a huge container which can make up to 9 cups, it also comes with 3 single cups so you can make your own and go. The lid has a sealed vacuum device which you place on glass with handle up once in place push the handle down and seal it with clip, to release you hit the release button, un clip and lift handle. The base on this thing weighs a ton its massive but only because it has so much power! It has 4 heavy duty suction cups so the blender stays in place for use. It has settings of 1-10 and single serve.

I am so in love with this blender I love the single cup feature which I used for this post. I am horrible about reading directions so I wasn't sure if you push up or down to get it to blend you can see in my mini video I jumped when I figured it out lol. The Ninja Ultima Blender took less then 50 secs to blend my drink. That's nuts and it was frosty the whole way through. I know with my old blenders I would have to blend shake, blend shake and after repeating this process would get myself a half melted milk shake or whatever I was making.  Because of the time it took to make a drink I just rather treat myself but now thanks to the Ninja Ultima Blender I use it daily and save a bunch of money.

My oldest son Brian is picky about what he eats but he likes smoothies so to fating him up I also now make him a smoothie a day after he gets home from school. So I mentioned back up at the top that this thing can make up to 9 cups, this is a huge deal for me because of being a family of 7 it would take forever to get us all a drink and you would have kids fighting over who gets the first batch so now no more of this either.

This is a family blender, its great for parties and great for everyday. You can blend almost anything in the Ninja Ultima Blender veggies for a heath drink, fruits for smoothies, meats for your infant/toddler, anything.

I am 100% behind this product and will continue to replace my products with Ninja Products because so far they are showing they can handle a big family.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way. Please contact with any questions.

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