Saturday, April 19, 2014

Keeping Kids Entertained During the Spring

Fuzzy Wuzzy from Alex Toys is a fun kit for both the girl or boy which is a fun way to learn how to knit. On top of learning how to knit the fabric is well "fuzzy wuzzy" its super soft. The possibilities are endless on what you can make my favorite thing is socks I love fuzzy socks. My son really wanted to try it out because of the fun bright colors, so while he played with it trying to make a scarf for his grandma my daughter who is 4 sat back and watched, trying to mimic what he was doing. I loved that everything was included to create whatever we could come up with. It was a fun project for keeping my kids busy and developing concentration. What really great is even though my son just wanted to try it out he now can knit if ever needed which is a fun skill to have. Each kit includes yarn, needles, and easy to follow instructions all packed in a fun keepsake tin. For ages 7 and up.  You can purchase your Fuzzy Wuzzy Kit here

My First Outer Space science kits are fun ways to learn about well space. The My First Outer Space science kit is from Scientific  Explorer Jr, and made for ages 4 and up. I really enjoyed this one the most with my kids because it was something we all could do including my younger daughters. What is neat about this kit is that you bring the outdoors indoors! Its a small mobile device which you place  in a room and it projects the images of stars onto the walls. You can do this in any room of the house, need a bathroom light how about a galaxy! You can create your own star constellation with special disk and a pencil. Each set comes with a instruction book which has 4 activities to do in it. Along with the fun of the projector, it also comes with a poster of the solar system and planet stickers which you can place on your wall and watch them light up being glow in the dark, it even comes with some fun "out of this world" stickers.  My daughters since young did without the poster and had fun sticking the glow in dark stickers throughout their room for a fun night light show every night! You can purchase the My First Outer Space Kit by clicking here.

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Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way. Please contact with any questions.

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