Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lego Friends Heartlake News Van

So now you know we LOVE Lego! The best thing about Lego's is they are never ending always coming out with new sets and products. I love Lego's because they are a never ending puzzle which your imagination is truly the limit of what you can accomplish with them.

The newest set to add to our collection is Lego Friends Heartlake News Van which is a set of 278 pieces not bad. I think me and my kids love the more the pieces the harder it is to build. We love spending family time at the dinner table building all kinds of things. 

The Heartlake News Van took about minutes to build. I love how each Lego set comes with a booklet which has detailed instructions on how to put your set together. I always file the booklets away so we can build later or what we like to do sometimes is make them our own. Just because you don't have a pink block does not mean your not able to complete a set you can pull out other Lego's and use a green block or whatever color you wish as long as it has the 2, 4, 6, 8 holes which is shown in the pic. 

The Heartlake News Van comes with Emma and Andrew the camera man, the van is pretty awesome! It looks like a real news van it has a satilite on top, cameras, a set up which Emma can report her news, lighting, and more. The News Van itself can open from the top and then the side which allows for Emma to be inside doing her hair and makeup along with Andrew in the front driving. The Heartlake News Van came with a cake which is the main news story for Emma and Andrew. 

The best part of having the Heartlake News Van is that Emma can now report on anything, with so many sets my son and daughters play hours taking turns on who is interviewing who. Having the Lego Friends sets as part of Lego's has truly brought my kids together. Now my oldest son is able to play with his brothers who like the more basic Lego's by being the news reporter oh the sets they have created.

You can purchase Lego Friends Heartlake News Van at your local ToysRUs, or click LEGO Friends Set #41056 Heartlake News Van. Check out Lego Friends by clicking here and Like Lego Friends on Facebook to keep up with the newest products.

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