Sunday, July 27, 2014

When did...............

(My little rant its all over the place but I did it release some building stress and figure hey why not)

We as humans become so sad? I mean I was taught so many things yet somehow things have changed and its not for the greater good.

Last night I was watching tv and it was late you know the hours when all the "Live" links, chats and so on come on. So one basically just got to the point which was Ashley Madison which they had a bunch of married men signing "I am looking for someone other than my wife"...................WOW I was speechless! I mean okay we know most people who do that are having a affair but you don't wanna hear about it, because its not right, if your gonna do that don't get married. I mean marriage seems to be a joke now a days. I know growing up ( I am 30 now) divorce was starting to be more heard of and now its like higher than marriage itself.

I had cheated on my husband it was horrible, I was lonely and had 3 kids before the age of 25? so I was still young but yet I was married with 3 kids. My husband never would come home after I would beg and so on he would hang out at his parents and play video games and whatever til late hours of night if he would even show up so I said screw it and did what I did. Long story short finally when I came out and had told him what I had did, (only hoping he would admit to doing the same) we had a huge falling out. I thought for sure things were over. Somehow we pulled through and ended up staying together. Now I face him not trusting me breathing down my back and going through everything in my life as if I am cheating on him again. I promise I learned my lesson and it was not worth it. I mean if you get to this point talk it out first and if you can't come to some agreement get a divorce, because if you think you might cheat or if you did cheat its gonna come out and its sooooooooooooo not worth it. It makes the marriage stronger, yet also the trust more harder.

Another fun thing is I know no matter where I was if a ambulance was coming down the road or a firetruck was coming down the road you would move over now we all kinda lay on breaks but stay in our lanes and keep going. What has changed that we just don't care to move out of the way, I can say personally I think well I am not in the way, followed with if I do, do what is right will the person behind me let me back on the road? Why should I think that???

Fun fact did you know most people would choose their phone over sex? That's nuts to think that we are so dependent on cell phones and computers. I know Charley was a hard reality check. We had no power for a week, which is nothing compared to some but simple things like driving on the road without lights other than your headlights. I know a very busy area me and my sister in law came up on and only knew where we were because of the railroad tracks but everything was so different because there was no lights. Cell phones were hit or miss a lot of us lined up in front of pay phones to make a call to friends and family to say we are okay. Which I used to know EVEREYONES phone number now I am lucky if I know my own. Why because I have a sim card which keeps all that information for me.

I was watching a thing on History about how the government spys on us 24/7. Not sure if you had seen on the news a few months back of someone who hacked a baby monitor and was calling the baby names and so on through the monitor but a lot of our live is not so secret anymore. Almost all laptops now a days have  the built in feature of a webcam, did you know that someone could be watching even if the light is not on? They can turn it on whenever they want, same with cells, you think having a thumb print to get in your phone is great, yeah sounds neat until you think that they are using it to document you.

It just blows my mind how we think we are advancing but really we are not. I challenge you to go without your phone for a week. I have done it not by choice I just didn't have the means to pay for the bill so I went without and it seriously felt like I was going through withdraw because I couldn't text my friend to say omg I just had a thought or call my mom to say Hi because it was quite, but after the week went by I realized I wasn't as stressed and why because I was not on call 24/7 so when I was in my car no one could call me, or text me or whatever I had no means of communication and it was nice. I bet we as humans have much more health issues and high blood pressure than any other generation before us and why because we are always accessible.

Anyhow this is my blog and my personal little rant I like to write things out and why not share when I do. Its a great way to let lose of stress for me personally I hope you don't hate me for who I am or what I right, I know we all have our own opinions and this is mine : )

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