Thursday, August 14, 2014

10 Years Yesterday made for a long 2 months in FL

My son was a month old when Charley had hit, I stayed with my parents in Lake Wales and had him in his car seat strapped in, and placed him in the bath tub to stay safe. It was a scary thing to go through especially with the eye going over we watched as the trees broke and sheds got demolished. My uncle had a tree fall right through the middle of his home, my parents had roof damage but could stay in their home. My place did well also which I lived in Kissimmee and in a trailer park, some of the older homes didn't make it but most of the newer hurricane issued homes did great. I lost my carport and everyone's stairs went to the neighbor behind them. My travels home from Lake Wales to Kissimmee were fun thank god for knowing back roads because there were tree branches and power poles all over in the road. We had no power for a full 2 weeks, and were living in a hotel room with other family it was a long 2 weeks.

Finding out more were coming it was kinda a been there done that Frances was huge and just rained for like 3 days straight. Ivan did the same and Jeanne had a bit of a punch but honestly after Charley nothing was much of a big deal all damage had been done and in fact France probably cleaned up the mess that Charley had left. It was a adventure that we won't soon forget. 

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