Sunday, August 3, 2014

Lexar Jump Drive USB 3.0 S23

Let's face it school is nothing like what it was when I was a kid and I am not even that old lol. I noticed on my nephew and nieces school supply list that they now are required to have a flash drive! Lexar is a leader in flash drives they have probably been making them since they first were introduced to the market.

Lexar flash drives can be found in all major retail stores, retail stores, grocery stores and more they are just that common. They are a high quality item which last for a long time. Kids are now encouraged to save there work and when you do this you need a flash drive the higher the number the more your able to save. I personally since I don't have any more school work save all my kids pictures to them.

I have a flash drive for each child so that when they grow up it can be a nice wedding gift, gift of embrassment or however I plan on giving it to them : ) I love flash drives because they are small which makes it great for me to keep in a safe so if the worse happens I will always have my pictures.

Did you know now not only do flash drives hold space they can make your computer load faster? That's amazing soon enough who knows what else a flash drive can do. You can check out Lexar's home page by clicking here, which will you choose?

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