Thursday, August 28, 2014

New Flavors from Jamba Juice with #Giveaway!

I love Jamba Juice which I am able to purchase at my local grocery stores in the frozen juice sections, now they have added 2 new flavors to the frozen line Jamba Red and Blue Fusion. I love trying new things especially when it comes to getting in my fruits and veggies.

I really love the reds, like strawberries, watermelon and so on, so Jamba Red is very welcomed in my home because it is a great combination of red-ish fruits. Jamba Red is a great source of 7 vitamins which are found in the many fruits and veggies. Jamba Red is a mixture of raspberries, cherries, sweet potatoes, purple carrot and strawberries. I have never heard or seen a purple carrot before but while drinking Jamba Red everything blended together with some apple juice tasted great.

If your into a more tart than sweet flavor check out the new Blue Fusion. Blue Fusion is a yummy mixture of blackberries, blueberries, green apple, carrot, banana broccoli and spinach. I love this drink because of its choice in veggies, my kids don't know healthy it is for them, which they drink a lot of milk, which cuts into their iron, so having spinach in the juice is a great way to replace lost iron.  

I must admit when I first saw the Green Fusion I was scared because I am not big on veggies, but I tried it and its now one of my favorites. I love the Fusion line from Jamba Juice because its a great way to feel refreshed, along with accomplishing getting your daily fruits and veggies in.

Check out all the many flavors of Jamba Juice by clicking here, and for the kids check out Jamba Juice fun activities by clicking here. Follow Jamba Juice on their social media sites Facebook and Twitter.

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