Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sergeant's Pet Care Products

I have the perfect set of cats Milo and Bumblebee. Milo is younger than Bubble Bee but he has always seemed like he was the leader and they get along great. Both my cats were rescues, Bumble Bee we caught in a junkyard and Milo found us at my in laws.

Since they both were wild outdoor cats I got them nurtured and allow them to be outside. Them being outside always has its concerns so we try and keep them up to date with shots and grooming. Sergeant's has a long line of products to keep my cats safe, along with dogs.

Sergeants's sent me a few products in which to review, I received a sure shot liquid wormer, hairball chewables and a calming collar. The liquid wormer is great especially for outdoor animals, I remember one of my cats having and we had to give them a pill which trying to give any animal a pill can be tricky almost like giving your kid a shot, they will notice. The Sentry Sure Shot Liquid Wormer is well a liquid which attracts the cats like milk, they love the flavor which is fish and drink it up without any issues. Sentry Sure Shot Liquid Wormer is a great product to always have on hand when owning a pet, because you never know.

The Sentry Hairball Chewables are wonderful, for some reason Bumble Bee eats as though its his last meal, and later he will throw up everything and most of the time its while he is in the house. Since I have started giving him the Sentry Hairball Chewables he has thrown up a lot less before it was almost once a day now its almost down to once a week. That is a big deal for me, because I am saving on paper towels and nerves when my kids accidentally step in it. The Sentry Hairball Chewables have a nice natural chicken liver flavor, no added salt or artificial colors.

Last of all is the Sergeant's Vetscription Calming Collar. This is great Milo deals with allergies during the summer and goes nuts, I mean like he is going to the highest heights to get away from the tick. The Sergeant's Vetscription Calming Collar is a great because it has a relaxing lavender chamomile fragrance which helps ease his nerves. The Sergeant's Vetscription Calming Collar also is a breakaway so I know that while he is outside if anything for any reason gets caught on him it will pop off and not strangle my cat. Sergeant's Vetscription Calming Collar can be used for this and many other things, like if your cat is meowing a lot, scratching at things he shouldn't be, travel, storms and much much more.

If you own a cat or dog most likely you have a Sergeant's product in your home and don't even know it, they make all types of products to treat you pet along with treats as rewards for your pets. You can purchase these products at your local pet store and major retail stores, product may vary from location to location. You can see all that Sergeant's makes by visiting their website here.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way. Please contact with any questions.

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