Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Four New K'nex Sets just in time for the Holidays!

I remember when I was younger always wanting the K'nex sets because you could make coasters, which looked so amazing. Now K'nex has come a long way and has many sets which your children can relate to.

 I received the four newest sets from K'nex. The first is the smaller set of 86 pieces made for ages 8 and up. The K'nex set is Titan Fall IMC Pilot Strike which is a ever popular on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC. What is great about the K'nex Titan Fall IMC Pilot Strike set is that it has a limited edition character. The set allows for you to play a combat mode, with a fun trigger gun which shoots out  a soft tip dart piece. There is a piece in which the wall actually can be "blasted out" (piece of wall drops down to look as though it was blown up) making for a fun imaginative action packed K'nex building set.

If you like app games you have probably played or at least heard of Plants vs Zombies. Plants vs Zombies is a fun game which you battle it out to see who is the more superior race? (not sure what you would call them). The K'nex Plants vs Zombies Football Mech building set is fun for everyone. The set consists of 93 pieces one of which is a awesome giant red foolball helmet. Now whats really cool about this set is not only is it a game which almost anyone who plays app games can relate to but even if your into football or weird it is a set which you will like. The K'nex Plants vs Zombies Football Mech can appeal to many people. My kids each had a reason on which they loved the set and none of them had the same reasons. K'nex Plants vs Zombies Football Mech building set is one of the many sets which has a motor in it! yes it moves! It has a motor which you kinda build into the helmet which is connected to a small controller so you can make it move across a table. Perfect timing for Halloween with such a fun them of zombies.

Moving on up to a 226 piece set is K'nex Super Mario 3D World Cat Mario building set which is for ages 8 and up. Now here is a classic with a new twist, I feel safe saying that pretty much everyone knows who Mario is. Mario has been a huge part of the gaming world making for probably one of the highest played games ever. K'nex Super Mario 3D World Cat Mario is a fun game of capture the flag. Your child can build the set and enjoy obstacles which can be set off with a single push. What would a K'nex Mario set be without catapults, coins and time warp pipes, the set has all of this. Bounce Cat Mario off the catapult onto the place on which the mouse is set up and the mouse will go flying. You can collect your coins and raise the flag all in one set up of the K'nex Super Mario 3D World Cat Mario building set.

Finally the gem of the four The K'nex 35 Model Ultimate Building Set.  Why do I call this the gem of bunch? To begin lets start with the outside, the box itself is a fun treasure chest set up with will have your kids taking better care of there toys because who doesn't love a treasure chest? Next the K'nex 35 Model Ultimate Building Set is made up of 480 pieces, that's a lot of pieces which also make for great replacement pieces if needed in other sets. Finally it comes with a complete booklet in which has 35 designs which anyone can make. The book includes things like a butterfly, helicopter bulldozer, truck, and so much more. Because this set has so many pieces and I have 5 kids its great to have them all be able to play at once with the K'nex 35 Model Ultimate Building Set. My 2 older boys like to pick out on of the 35 projects and race to see who can finish it the fastest.

K'nex are great toys which help build the imagination, teach patience and much more. You can find K'nex in all major retail stores you can also check out K'nex website by clicking here, or keep up with latest products by Liking them on Facebook or Following them on Twitter.

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