Monday, September 1, 2014

The Deck by Sol Republic x Motorola

Being our family is so big, most of the time everyone meets here for a BBQ or holidays and so on. We like to entertain and have some kind of background music on, but our speakers can only move so far before they unplug. The Sol Republic x Motorola came out with the Deck!

The Deck is a totally awesome speaker great for any party. The Deck has 360 full sound making it so everyone around will be sure to hear your jams. The Deck is able to pair up with NFC or Bluetooth, which is why they added a very cool mode called the Heist.

What exactly is the Heist mode? Well it is a feature which allows not just one but up to 5 people to DJ The Deck. So your sitting and listening to something not exactly your favorite well just switch it up in seconds by choosing something off your own sound track. Of course we all know that more DJ's are always better than one.

The Deck has super power wireless skills it can pick up on a Bluetooth or NFC device 3x's the standard range! The Deck is great for indoors and out but do keep in mind that its not water proof. So here is another fun feature of The Deck lets say you have it paired up with your cell (which probably most of you would) and all the sudden you get a call, well no worries you can answer on The Deck. The Deck now becomes a full speaker phone so you can go about what your doing but hands free, great way to cheer up the person who was unable to make it, because you can have everyone say Hello : )

The Deck doesn't have to be used just for hanging out (even though its great for that) it can also be used for conference calls, so everyone can chime in, or for the home schooled child, so they can interact with their teacher but be able to have their hands free while doing work. The Deck is a great way to connect to others and be able to hear more clearly what they are saying. I love The Deck I am finding new ways to use it daily.

The Deck is a great way to entertain and comes in 4 colors, lemon lime, vivid red, blue and black. Making for a fun way to express yourself while entertaining. You can purchase The Deck by clicking here or you can purchase at Best Buy online by clicking here. Wanna keep up with Sol Republic and their products you can follow them on Twitter with @SOLREPUBLIC which you can use the same for Instagram and Like Sol Republic on Facebook by clicking here.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way. Please contact with any questions.

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