Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Amazon Products which make your Tv Amazing!

Okay so if you have been around for awhile you know awhile back I was able to review the newer Kindle Fire HDX and then later on the Fire Tv. But did you know you can use them together???!?!?! You can actually do this with any Kindle but you will need a Amazon HDMI Adapter for Fire Tablets click here.

So how exactly do you get them all to connect? Well if you have a Kindle Fire HDX is so simple you will wanna cry. You need a device which has wifi so like a PS3, Xbox 360, Amazon Fire Tv or just having a smart tv works as well. You make sure your wifi tv device is on, now take your Kindle Fire HDX and go to settings at the top of screen from there pick Display & Sounds, then click on Display Mirroring it will scan your home for wifi devices and poof you have a mirror image of your tablet on your tv. I love this feature because I no longer have cable or satellite so I rely on apps for my entertainment so now I can stream movies from my tablet onto my tv.

Also if you happen to have Amazon's Fire Tv you now can download a app called Sling Tv which gives you about 20 channels Espn Espn 2, Cartoon Network, ABC Family, CNN, Disney Channel and more. It cost $20 a month, which is WAY LESS then cable or satellite. I was grateful for this app because my husband was a nightmare over not having his sports channels which now I am saving money and he is happy watching his favorite sports on Espn.

Amazon Prime which lets you watch many movies, games, shows and more along with free shipping on many products off Amazon, is a one time payment of $99 for a entire year. Think of how much you could save on Amazon products and how much that is a month verses your cable or satellite bill, about $9 a month again super cheap. Live TV & On-demand! Watch 14 days FREE! The Best of Live TV includes ESPN, AMC, A&E, TNT, HGTV, & more! Get 20 channels for $20/mo. Want HBO Live & on-demand in time for Game of Thrones? Only $15/mo. more from 4/9! Girls, Silicon Valley, or classics like The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, The Wire, and movies all included. Want even more great channels? Add the Sports Extra, Kids Extra, Hollywood Extra, Lifestyle Extra, and others each for only $5/mo. more. Sling TV allows you to watch live TV on one device at a time. Fast-forward, rewind, and pause on most channels; plus look back on certain channels with up to 3 days of replay. No DVR needed!  

So these are just a few more reasons to get rid of cable or satellite and keep your money for more enjoyable things in life.

Links to purchase the following:
Amazon Prime
Kindle Fire HDX
Kindle Adapter
Sling Tv
Fire Tv Box
Fire Tv Stick

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