Monday, November 30, 2015

ICE at Gaylord Palms Orlando FL Twas the Night Before Christmas

Do you like the cold? How about 9 degrees! ICE is a truly unique experience which is held every year at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando Florida. Each year the resort brings in billions and billions of ice which is cut with chainsaws and however else they turned into amazing ice sculptures. You can see them  demonstrate  this at the Frostbite Factory which is at the end of the story. 

When you first walk into Ice you get to watch a short film, followed with getting your jackets (you will want to snap, zip and do whatever the jacket offers to keep it tight and warm) , and they take a group photo which is available for purchase, you can view at the end of ICE. 

This years theme is Twas the Night Before Christmas, which the idea is you are walking through the story, which the words are printed in ice on the walls along with beautifully carved illustrations. You can read aloud as you follow the favorite Christmas Story.  At the end of the tour they have tissues and hand sanitizer, followed with a place to give back your jacket, picture pick up, nice gift shop,Gingerbread Cookie decoration spot which you can decorate a cookie addition cost, Build a Bear Workshop and a meet & greet with the one and only Santa. 

Also for the adults, they have added On the Blocks Ice bar which you can get yourself some drinks and warm up a little. 

‘Chill out’ at On The Blocks—the exclusive bar inside ICE! Adults 21+ can upgrade their ICE! experience to enjoy a sampling of Jackson Morgan Southern Cream and Goose Island Beer plus a choice of a Maker’s Mark or Absolut specialty drink, or Hidden Crush Cabernet or Chardonnay, served in a souvenir glass—yours to keep! Ambient lighting, music and fun photo opportunities set the mood for this unique VIP experience. 
  • $15.95 inclusive of gratuity

Upgrade your ICE ticket to include the thrill of Alpine Rush Snow Tubing – an 18’ 8-lane giant snow hill created with 1.5 million pounds of real snow. The hill is made up of many slides which you can race friends and family. As all rides there are height requirements which you can see pricing and height requirements by clicking here

ICE requires additional purchase if staying in the resort, parking is $18 for the day. You can purchase ICE tickets by clicking here. I highly recommend gloves your hands will be in a lot of pain from the bitter cold, hats or beanies are a plus also. If you have younger kids have colored socks on them or something that you can identify the feet because everyone looks the same you can tell your kid apart by getting in there face or shoes : )

When staying at the Resort or even if your visiting ICE you can go and catch the all-new Cirque Dreams Unwrapped show at the Emerald Bay Stage. Be dazzled by an array of seasonal characters brought to life in a dreamscape of imaginative costumes and creativity, while stunning feats of showmanship are unwrapped, performed on stage and in the air, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats.  The entire family can enjoy this uniquely inspired 25-minute Christmas dream presented with the Broadway style and inventive theatrics for which Cirque Dreams is renowned. Free to all guest! The Gaylord Palms goes all out for decorations through out the buildings making you really experience the Holiday spirit. My kids and I really enjoyed the show it was unlike the normal red green Christmas singing shows, it was and will be something that you will remember for years to come. 

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