Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Have you heard of Amazon's Dash Button?

So I am up messing around and looking at things and while looking I came across a new thing on Amazon called the Dash Button.  I love the idea!

Okay so from what I read the Dash Button is a device which you can keep in places in which you always have the item you order often from Amazon, the sample they use is Tide which they show you how it works, which best way to put it is like how you use a toll road, when you have Sunpass  (Florida pass) you drive your car and go through the toll without having to stop. So the Dash Button is the same idea only when you need that item you hit the button and amazon gets a alert and orders it for you, they send a confirmation to your phone so you can cancel if needed, which I am sure will happen if you have kids, because hello its a button who wouldn't wanna push. : ) Anyhow point being they seem like a neat idea and are limited right now to products but I can see them becoming more popular. I know they need something like this in the car world, like for oil and brake fluid, etc.  Each Dash Button cost $4.99.

Friday, January 22, 2016


This year I might do more personal post. I mean that is what a blog is for right? a way to express oneself and not be judged in some aspects. 

So not sure about you all, but this year has been a bad start for us. I mean its not horrible but still kinda sucks. My kids have been sick which is good for me bad for them granted now its catching up to me Lol. They have been sick with maybe the flu? But its been great because all it has been is fevers and sleep solid sleep, which wow my house has never looked better and it so needed a good clean after the holiday.

I am not one for grammar although I do try when making post, but I like to type as though I am talking to you, not telling you stuff but more in a conversation way. I always find it crazy how people jump on things like that but whatever to each their own.

So back to my year so far, I am now starting to get sick like the kids only I have more of a head cold, very running nose and itchy eyes but whatever a mothers well parents job is never over we keep going even when we can't its just our nature. My pluming stinks, I am not sure if its just each item or a slow but getting to be a bigger issue thing. My toilet is not working will flush but I think (because its mia) my kids flushed a toy turtle down it, I haven't had the chance to take it off and check inside, but I really think that is its issue. The kids toilet is leaking so that one as well needs to be pulled up and a new wax ring installed. Then my dish washer after running a product which cleans it, is now not working, so it is backed up as well. I must say thanks to all the break downs and a husband who works a lot I am becoming quite the handyman of the house.

My truck needs new parts and then when I bought the parts my husbands break fluid thing in his tire blew up so it was leaking break fluid all over and we ended up having to fix it. Thank god my husband knows how to do a lot when it comes to cars, so he was able to fix but in parts alone we spent a pretty penny which, I now know how to change out my shocks :) Lol

This is just my main families adventures so far along with a few others but little, then we look at what has happened in this last week. I was at my parents visiting them, I am lucky they live only 45 mins away, so I was over returning some stuff and while there, my dad cut his fingers with a table saw. He caught the middle finger with the blade and it was a clean cut so it was bleeding like crazy and then his pointing finger well, he lost a lot of it, kinda looked like it went through a meat grinder. But went to doctor and they said it would heal on its own, can't wait to see what it will look like once it heals :)

My dad has made me a very laid back person when it comes to my kids being hurt or sick. He has done all kinds of crazy things and has survived them all. My favorite was he caught himself on fire once I was 5 never will forget. But I love my dad and his craziness. He is a master of wood and crafts he can do almost anything he is very talented and has been working with wood sense he was young, and he is 55? and this is the first time the table saw got him, I was lucky enough to be there.  Some of his doodles:

Then you have my in-laws which again lucky they live less then 20 mins from us, the day after DAY AFTER my dad cut his fingers, my father in law had a heart attack and had a stent put in. Now background on my father in law, he was in a bad motorcycle accident when he was 18 lost movement to his arm and also died yes died 2 times, doctors were able to bring him back, now grown up this is his second heart attack, and surgery on his heart. Yup that is my family, its a never ending story for sure.

But anyhow like I said I wanna start using to express myself and share my stories. Feel free to leave your input, but don't be rude.