Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Have you heard of Amazon's Dash Button?

So I am up messing around and looking at things and while looking I came across a new thing on Amazon called the Dash Button.  I love the idea!

Okay so from what I read the Dash Button is a device which you can keep in places in which you always have the item you order often from Amazon, the sample they use is Tide which they show you how it works, which best way to put it is like how you use a toll road, when you have Sunpass  (Florida pass) you drive your car and go through the toll without having to stop. So the Dash Button is the same idea only when you need that item you hit the button and amazon gets a alert and orders it for you, they send a confirmation to your phone so you can cancel if needed, which I am sure will happen if you have kids, because hello its a button who wouldn't wanna push. : ) Anyhow point being they seem like a neat idea and are limited right now to products but I can see them becoming more popular. I know they need something like this in the car world, like for oil and brake fluid, etc.  Each Dash Button cost $4.99.

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