Thursday, May 19, 2016

Today's Issues with School Systems

I am so over the school systems and the constant drilling. I mean seriously there is no recess small and quite lunch periods, a lot of school have lost things like music, art, and other fun activities. Yet the American society complains on how kids are little brats, and deal with obesity.

Well lets took most things that would make a child enjoy school away, you consistently are sending DCF for anything, which makes a parent give up on discipline for worries that they will take their child away and place them in a system which will have the child becoming more f---- up. When are my kids allowed to be kids?????? When did children loose this right? Why are video games becoming more a way of life? then going out and enjoying a playground? School has become a job for kids, which like all adults after you have done the same damn thing over and over and over etc you get burnt out and start giving up hope of anything better. I believe this is why kids have a higher rate of suicide, because they are just drilled, drilled, drilled.

My kids act like zombies, they go to school, do the routine, come home have a shiv load of homework, eat dinner, have maybe a hour if lucky to play a video game or watch tv. What a great life! NOT!!!! As a parent of 5, I am left with trying to help my kids with their homework, which sorry I did my time and I really cannot stand trying to figure out the bs which has been sent home with my kid, especially things like common core. WTH is common core, now not only are kids spending way to much time being drilled, but they are asked to make shiv up! I mean what?!?! At least this is what common core teaches, you have 5  of something and you get another 8 of something but it has to make 6? sooooo where the hell did my other 7 somethings go? Seriously!?!?!?

Then after the bs of common core, you have new ways of how they teach you to divide, and like my way is wrong although the same beeping answer, its wrong and my kid gets a X or F for something which they got right just not how the school taught them, and even with them showing their work. Great job school system! Oh another favorite is they no longer teach cursive?!?!?!?! WTH is up with that?!?!?!? So when my kid becomes a adult they are gonna sign for a house with these stupid emoticons? You can make up a sentence with the damn things how sad is that! So really, I wanna know how do my kids sign for anything without knowing cursive???

I hate how I feel my kid needs to go to pre-school so they are on track for kindergarten, yet pre-school is a option? Sure it is.........if you send your kindergarten to school and they do not know ABC's or 123's they are the stupidest child on the planet at least that is how the school systems treat them. The school systems have become such a joke, teachers are not paid what they deserve, they are over worked with all the homework they HAVE to give (even though the teacher themselves do not wish to hand out as much homework that is mandatory by the state) they have to go home and grade everything which takes them all evening. So when are teachers having time to spend with their own family???? When did family have to take a backseat to "education" the " " because what exactly are my kids taking away from it all?

Shut down speak to no one, do not make friends, do not socialize, do not play or be in motion, sit on your butt all day. Awesome job America! way to build a better future!