Friday, June 10, 2016

How to get the best Smile with Great Expressions Dental Centers

Great Expressions Dental Centers is looking for your best Summer Smile! My kids last day of school was yesterday, so we are all smiles here! I know when talking pics I am always self conscience about my smile, because it seems pics come out like I am holding back, and I am. Here are some tips from Great Expressions Dental Centers to get the best out of every pic with a amazing smile. 

1.       Lipstick. It all comes down to picking the right shade of lipstick. Yellow-based lipstick tends to highlight the yellow in your teeth, even if your teeth are relatively white. Softer pinks photograph well.

2.       Dentist check-in. I may have thought cavities were just for kids, but teenagers get cavities all the time. Keeping up with twice yearly dentist appointments can also prevent any underlying issues from getting out of control.

3.       Bronzer. Applying bronzer will automatically make your teeth appear whiter. Just don’t overdo it – you don’t want your face to look too dark or unnaturally tanned. Mix a little bronzing lotion into your face cream before smoothing it over your skin.

4.       Teeth whitening. Depending on what product you use, start whitening your teeth a few months in advance of when you plan to show them off. Pay attention to your body and don’t leave white strips on for too long to prevent sensitivity.

5.       Avoid stainable beverages. Cut back on drinking coffee and tea, which will stain your teeth. You’ll be glad you did 20 years from now!

6.       Fresh breath emergency kit. As an extra precaution, having a dental emergency kit on hand is always a good idea. Pack a toothbrush, toothpaste, mints and floss to ensure you have fresh breath at all times.

7.       Be in the moment: Find clothing. that you absolutely love & can be yourself in, no matter how trendy - every aspect of having a good pic is just about being in the moment. In five or ten years, it really won’t matter what you wore, as long as it felt right and made you smile at the time!

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