Friday, July 22, 2016

My son Michael

My kid Michael who is 2nd oldest is OBSESSED with animals! So basically anything he catches I kinda let him keep although now I am trying to get him to enjoy and let go :) He has caught probably a easy 10 snakes, which include black racers, pinewood, and ring neck.

He has had a turtle in his pocket while at school, come to find out it was a REAL turtle a baby alligator snapping turtle which guessing a bird had and dropped? I still have it to this day, it mummified itself. He has caught god knows how many frogs and turtles, we have kept a few of his turtles and they have gotten huge. Its pretty neat to watch all these animals grow.

His all time favorite animal has to be the frog! I swear it was his first word. He has had many of bullfrogs which we did have a set for 3 years before we decided they were getting to big and needed to go back into the wild, they were about the size of a softball easy.

He also likes to catch bugs, beetles, and lizards. We have caught a few many geckos. I learn when out with my son to make sure I drink fast or have something in which he can place whatever it is in something. He will try and sneak it in his hand and every so often it gets loose while I am driving! I have had a frog on the back of my head, around my feet and a cricket jump from the ceiling fan while wrapping gifts! I must say NOTHING at this point surprises me, and the animals and critters are getting bigger as he grows older.

Although he is still young I see him doing something with animals when he gets older, even if its living out on his own in nature he will always be around animals. I am good with that : )

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