Sunday, July 10, 2016

Summer with Crayola

I am here melting in Florida, and having to entertain 5 kids, what a better way then to put on some sun block and go paint the sidewalks rainbows! Crayola has a bunch of fun ways to help my kids have a great and enjoyable summer. Some examples which we used to create such masterpieces.

Neon 3D Chalk Set, this stuff is so cool and seriously has you looking like a weirdo which is all the more fun. I was a skeptic at first, like sure the paintings will just pop up, but if you follow the instructions and use the glasses you find yourself surrounded in your masterpiece. I was getting a little dizzy with some of my kids art work, but a very neat experience.

Neon Glitter Sidewalk Chalk, because who doesn't love bright colors. Sure you can make a "sun" but then there is a SUN :) with these amazing neon colors everything becomes that much more, well brighter!

We just finished painting our living room because our kids ( I hope ) are finally past the age of drawing, writing or whatever on the walls. The whole time the kids big to small wanted to help. Thankfully Crayola came to the rescue with Squeeze N' Paint Tool Set. The  Squeeze N' Paint Tool Set, allows for my kids to paint using tools which you would for painting the interior of a house but only with sidewalk paint. The 5 of them could now brush, squirt and roll their designs onto the sidewalk.

Who has a favorite Marvel or Disney character? How neat would it be if you were able to get that character in chalk. Crayola now has Licensed characters like Captain America, Hulk, Frozen and even Finding Dory (Disney's newest animation film)  which help you to create your own with the colors provided for each.

You can find all these and much more great summer products from Crayola at your local retail stores, and toy stores.

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