Saturday, November 19, 2016

PercyVites A New Way To Party

When looking around these days everyone is on some kind of device, and seriously using a stamp is something that some kids honestly have not heard of, so how do you spread the word that you are throwing a party? Maybe a email, text, social media, but come on, how boring is that? PercyVites is a great new way to send fun personalized invites to friends and family.

When you visit PercyVites you will see they have a selection of kids and adult video invites, using some of your favorite well known characters, like Sonic, Tickety Tock, Franklin and my kids personal favorite Shopkins.

Making a invite is simple, PercyVites asks a number of questions like who the invite is for, what is the address, etc and to add to the fun you can post a picture of the birthday child or couple or whatever you wish in the invite. After you have filled out all the forms which you will need everyone's email address you can preview what it will look like when they receive.

Think of all the many ways you can use PercyVites, birthdays, dinner parties, baby showers, the newest thing that seems to be big a gender reveal party, and so much more! After the party is done and over it seems we never send out thank you for attending or your gift, or well, thank you in general. PercyVites takes your order to the next step with personalized Thank you videos!

PercyVites is the way to go if your planning a party, save a tree as our grandparents have taught us and enjoy making a person video which makes for lasting memories.

Don't forget the cake, what party would is complete without a cake! Let's face it, it is really the only reason we throw parties :)  Cakes though can become expensive especially when serving a large group, and most of the time you are paying for the decoration of the cake. is a great way to buy a 99 cent box mix and make the cake your child or guest can enjoy look spectacular.

At you can purchase pretty much anything you can think of that you would like as a theme, like holiday decopics, rings, edible flowers, characters and so much more! I personal love these sugersoft-snowflakes assortment-nho, you can use them for many things a winter holiday, a Frozen birthday, and Christmas party and so much more. They taste really great as well. So stop paying for a cake and enjoy some fun cooking your own with a little help from for decor.

You can shop PercyVites collection of personalized invites by visiting their website here, and for well its in the title but you can click here and check out their line of goods.

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