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TreeUmph Adventure Course, Bradenton, FL OMG Best Day Ever!!!!!!

I had the opportunity to treat my dad and my sons to experience TreeUmph Adventure Course in Bradenton, FL. TreeUmph offers 4 different tickets, The Child ticket which is $25.95 it is for ages 7 & 8 in which the child is able to complete a Ape Course 3 times which can take about 2hrs avg time. The Junior ticket which includes 3 courses for ages 9-11, which is $36.95 it took us 3hrs to complete. The next is the Adult ticket which is for ages 12 and up, it includes all 5 courses for $54.95 can take 4-5hr to complete, and finally my favorite the Senior ticket which is for guest ages 65 and up, which is $42.95. All tickets with the exception of the child ticket include the massive 650 foot Triumph Zip line.

Ape Course (Child's Ticket)

When we arrived at TreeUmph Adventure Course, we were greeted right away by the friendly staff who are all geared up and ready to jump in and save anyone who gets caught up in a course. After being greeted by the staff you head over to the checkout which if you booked online you would have already filled out your waiver form, they had you your harness which you then get help from the staff getting it on and tighten.

Gearing up / Practice

Things to keep in mind when you decide to do TreeUmph Adventure Course. Have comfortable but tight closed in shoes on, you do not want laces, tripping you up. If you have long hair make sure it is tied up and to the back of your head, another thing which could get caught while on the course. Also it's Florida! So it is HOT, make sure you have clothing which can cool you and you have plenty of water. TreeUmph does have a water pass which you can purchase. The water pass lets you have access to coolers throughout the course which have ice cold water bottles inside.

After gearing up they have a video which you watch on what to do if your stuck, how to work your equipment and what you can and cannot do while on the course. The harnesses were new like NEW when we arrived all of the staff were getting used to them as well. The new harnesses have a magnet system which only allows for one clip to be opened at a time, so you are always at least on with a clip. Because of the clips and everything being new for the adventurer they bring you over to a small little set up to make sure you know what you are doing before sending you on your own to the courses. Michael my 11 year old did great right away, Brian my 12 year old somehow got the clip over the buckle and someone had to come and pop it off but once he did that he got the idea and we had fun.

The beginning! 

Because we honestly had no clue as to what we were going to get into, and along with having my sons who were ages 11, and 12. We decided to do the Junior ticket which includes 3 courses, the first course is Climb On! Which started with us going up a ladder onto a walkway, net (which in the video I saw wimpy net, so to be clear its not a wimpy net it is just thin I used that word so my son got that it would not be as simple as it looked), steps, logs, swings and more! This is just the first course which also ended in a zip line in which you climb down another ladder to move onto your next course.

The 2nd course is The Scrabble. This started with a smaller rock wall and then because a set up of more smaller footing areas as well as a set of 2 zip lines and a barrel. Okay so this barrel!! LOL it was more of a challenge because of our size for me and my dad, you can go head first but then its a little funky to get out, which in the video you can see my dad went head first then backed up and went in feet first and got out fine. That was a challenge for sure for the both of us :) but it was still super fun. My kids went through it with ease because they could flip around inside and bring their legs out on the other end.

The Barrel! Ahhh ;) 

The 3rd course is Ascend Course. This course you really start to feel your muscles and start truly testing yourself. Sadly my mom who was taking pics and videos went MIA so I don't have much to show :( but I will do my best to describe. You start the course with either a ladder or a telephone pole rock wall, well my kids opted for the ladder, my dad and I did the pole.....because you know you have to test your limits. So this is for me when I was like OMG this sucks LOL, I have never done a rock wall before and it always looks so's not! Looking and doing are two totally different things, I got half way up and I was like oh .... I am stuck, mind you I have someone behind me so I don't wanna look like a fool. Which let me add this in here everyone is there to have FUN so everyone is super supportive and no one judges you. But again I felt like I looked like a fool, I sucked it up and figured a way to the top and that was when I started to feel my muscles going why!!!! I also had a good wake up call on how out of shape I was, especially when my dad who is older than me is like la la la weeee.
Feeling the burn!

So once I got to the top of the platform which also this is another thing, when on a platform only 3 are allowed on it at once, so sometimes you might get stuck hanging around on a step area midway but it's all good you have the harness. We were catching up to the group ahead of us, which if another person is moving faster than you, just let them go around. Also your allowed and encouraged to take pics while up in the trees but make sure your not holding anyone up, and you are not allowed to have your phone out on the zip lines.

Okay so let's get back on track :) once I killed myself going up the rock wall pole, you move onto a platform, followed with more ropes which have logs that are all swinging FUN! My sons almost gave up on the rope log swings because you have to catch your footing along with trust in the harness so you can reach out and grab the next rope all while you are up in the air, no biggy. I somehow made the rope logs swing together and hop over the other so then I was hanging on trying to fix that which I did. After that adventure, we had another zip line. On you, you have your harness which has the 2 metal heavy duty magnet clips, and you have your zip line anchor,  each time you come to a zip line you do your clips first then you unclip from your harness the zip line anchor pull that out and then place it on the line then lean back feet out and go. To help you they have it color coded on the zip line itself. Ladders you have a clip which goes on the front of your harness along with clipping your clips to a smaller rope on the ladder.


After the zip line of the 3rd course you now have a option which is to swing like Tarzan on a rope to a rope net or you can tightrope walk over, my sons did the tightrope walk over. Again me and my dad opted for the harder Tarzan swing. Okay so thankfully I was able to watch some other adventurers do this challenge and saw that when you swing you basically need to catch the net with your legs, feet, which I guess you can catch with your hands but maybe we all are more chicken than we think so we don't let go of the rope. So my dad was ahead of me and he swung and almost got stuck hehehe but thankfully it moved back towards the net and he was able to climb onto it, I went and was like a monkey I went smack right into the net and caught it with my foot ankle, okay so it hurt but only for a second as I held myself there. Then I had to maneuver the harness clips around so I could now climb over to the side and pull myself up and off. That was another oh I can feel this moment.

Now we had completed the 3 courses, we all wanted to continue onto the other 2 courses which got harder but since we only had the Junior were unable to do so. The other 2 courses though are the Lead course, and the Summit course, which each one gets harder and harder, you are seriously going through hoops, skating on a skateboard, and jumping paint can to paint can!


So all that was left at this point was the Triumph 650 foot zip line! Michael was the first one up, which its a 3 tier climb up to the top, he got up and placed all his stuff on and went, then Brian was next he got to the top and wasn't having it, he freaked himself out with the heights, but once again he took a deep breath and went for it. Since me and my dad were below my kids we didn't know there was a radio in which they tell you all clear, so you listen for the staff on the other end of the zip line to say all clear and go. Oh how fun! Flying over everything, sad that the adventure was over but cannot wait to return!

The more the cheaper, if you book a group you can get a discount per ticket, they also host birthday parties and field trips! Talk about a day of PE :) We all plan to return next year once Michael is 12 and challenge ourselves with the adult course. You can find out more about TreeUmph Adventure Course by visiting their website here.

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