Monday, March 6, 2017

Birthday Party at Rebounderz in Apopka, FL

My youngest just turned 5!!!! No more babies :( So to celebrate her birthday we checked out Rebounderz in Apopka, FL. 

At Rebounderz you can pick your party room, your options are:

The Extreme Sports Room which has a view as if you were skydiving. The Beach Luau Room which had a surfboard on the wall a tiki bar like setting. The Diva Boutique Room, was a french fashion show theme and Rock & Roll Room records, guitars, etc on the walls. And finally the  Special Ops Military Room, I picked this one for Sarah. I went with this theme because she is a very demanding little sister who likes to have things her way! I pick out the room not totally knowing what it would look like, turns out it was a huge win for me and the kids and Sarah liked the room the best so I did good. The Special Ops room had Call of Duty tables, along with my favorite of all time vehicle a Hummer or now they are Humvees thanks to GM coming out with a "Hummer" anyhow......

So each room has 3 tables to hold all your guest, along with cubbies which you can put your shoes or such in, the rooms also have a xbox which you can rent for a addition fee. When you book your party with Rebounderz you can choose from 3 packages: 

Rebounderz Party Package: 
  • 12 Jumpers.
  • 1 Hour of Jump Time.
  • 2 Hours in Private Party Room.
  • 1 Three Gallon Flavored Drink Stand.
  • 12 Arcade Cards, each loaded with $5.00.
  • 12 Jump Passes, 30-Minute duration (can use day of party or in future).
  • Party Host/Hostess.

Sports Team Package:

12 Jumpers.
90 Minutes of Jump Time.
2 Reserved Tables for 2 Hours.
12 Arcade Cards, each loaded with $3.00.
Does not include T-Shirt or Colored Paper Products.

Sports Team Parties DO NOT Include a Party Host/Hostess.

Ultimate Party Package: 
  • 20 Jumpers.
  • 1 Hour of Jump Time.
  • 2 Hours in Private Party Room.
  • 20 Arcade Cards, each loaded with $5.00.
  • 20 Jump Passes, 30-minute duration (can use day of party or in future).
  • 2 Additional Cheese Pizzas.
  • 1 Three Gallon Flavored Drink Stand.
  • One Dozen Festive Balloons.
  • Party Host/Hostess.

All party packages include: Priority check-in, Rebounderz E-vite, Rebounderz Jump Socks, Arcade Cards, Colorful Paper Goods, Bottomless Iced-Water Drink Stand, 2-Cheese Pizzas (10 slices each).  Guest of Honor receives a free Rebounderz T-shirt.

We had the Rebounderz Party Package, each guest is provided with Rebounderz jump socks which can be used over and over at any Rebounderz location or you can purchase a new set for $3. The kids were able to jump for a full hour which there is a huge clock that lets you know when your time is up, the second hour is for eating your pizza and using your arcade passes. The kids favorite thing of all was the giant foam pit! I made the mistake of jumping in...........yeah it is super squishy which I thought it would be a little harder so it was super hard to get out but the kids had a blast being stuck. 

You can check out their website here to book your party now. 

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