Sunday, May 28, 2017

Car Audio,UPSZTEC 4.1inch car radio,1 DIN Car Stereo system, MP3, MP4, MP5,Media Players, Car Electronics, In-Dash car players,Remote control(3001)

So I give it 3 stars because the sound is not horrible but so far I can only access features like pop, rock, user, bass, balance and such with the remote. it seems to have a delay when pushing the buttons and it also does not pick up radio stations that well. The screen is really not the best it looks like  a touch screen but touching it does nothing. I don't have a rear view camera installed in my car so I cannot say anything about that feature. I do like that I have more ways to listen to my phone, which makes up for the signal not being the best because I can plug in iheart radio. It also was very easy to install and I didn't need to purchase a kit like I have with others to fill in the space so that was a huge plus. It came well packaged and super fast. But yeah it's okay for the price.

I recorded this and you can hear me flipping through the audio and messing with the front and back etc as it changes but you can also hear at the beginning where I personally thought it was the best how clear it comes through. I have Kicker brand speakers in my car which I installed about 2 years ago now. I know speakers make a difference so this is why I am including. You can purchase the UPSZTEC car audio system here on Amazon.

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