Saturday, May 27, 2017

MindWare Make Your Own Glitter Snow Globes

My oldest daughter loves crafts and MindWare has a Make Your Own Glitter Snow Globe, that was perfect for her.

The Make Your Own Glitter Snow Globe is a fun kit which comes with 12 colors of clay, instructions, a plastic knife, 2 snow globes, 10 glue dots and 2 packs of glitter. My daughter is 7 and has never played with clay before, well has never played with clay at my house she possibly has at school. So first thing was she needed to pick out which colors she wanted to use and what exactly she wanted to make.

She decided to make food, I guess she picked this because her brother came and decided he was gonna make the other globe. My son who decided to make the other is 9, they both made cheeseburgers, she made a world in water and a cookie, he made bacon. Once they were happy with their designs, we placed them in a cake pan and put them in the oven to bake.

After their creations baked we stuck the glue dots on them and placed them on the snow globe base, then I filled the top with water and placed the glitter in. I didn't however stir the glitter in before placing the base on, I would recommend stirring in before placing on the base because the glitter clumped to the items. Once the globes were filled with water, glitter and base tightly on, we shook them and the glitter did come off and look like snow. I would recommend also putting like half the glitter in and then slowly adding more because the items are hard to see because there is a bit to much in the globe mixed with the items which my kids made.

My kids had a blast doing and now I can go to the store and purchase more clay so they can continue to change out their snow globes. I really love the Make Your Own Glitter Snow Globe kit and will be purchasing more for the other kids to enjoy as well from MindWare. You can purchase here.

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