Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Timex Time Machines teaching kids how to tell time!

Let's face it nowadays kids and possibly some adults don't know how to tell time, I mean really why do you need to, you have your cells. But what if you left your cell at home, what if the only way to tell time was the old school way. Thanks to Timex Time Machines kids are coming back to reality and learning how to tell time!

Timex, a global leader in timekeeping for over 160 years, launches Timex Time Machines Mobile App developed with Scholastic the global children's publishing, education and media company. Made just for kids in grades 1–3, Timex's Time Machines mobile app give educators and parents the tools they need to make time teaching fun, easy, and hands-on. Timex Time Machines watches are durable, easy-to-read and come in an assortment of colorful, fun designs kids will adore.

Developed with Scholastic, the Timex Time Machines Mobile App empowers kids to have fun through learning by seamlessly blending digital free-play with a variety of interactive lessons tailored for kids ages 5 through 9.

Choose between Learning Mode and Game Mode to learn the basics of time telling:

Learning mode – learn to tell time with a tutorial that features general concepts such as clockwise, counter-clockwise, function of clock hands, telling time, A.M./P.M., and a simple game analog and digital matching game.

Game Mode LEVEL 1: Time Stopper - The clock is spinning and the player is given a time. The player must tap the clock at the specific point when its hands are at the indicated digital time in order to stop it.

Game Mode LEVEL 2: Counting Time - Players see a clock with a certain amount of time shaded in (for example, a quarter hour). They must tap minute buttons to equal the shaded amount without going over.

Game Mode LEVEL 3: Rocket Time - Time, in the form of clock faces, is falling from the top of the screen toward the player's Time Machine. The player must tap the clock that matches the written time shown at the bottom of their screen.

So how does it work? You download the app, play the games, and use the Timex Time Machines watch to help your child learn. I have bought so many of the kid watches before and they are never a true fit. With the Timex Time Machine watches they are made for kids as in a 3 year old can wear and it will not fall or twist on their wrist. They also are super easy to remove and replace the watch bands that my girls have been switching theirs up a lot. Another benefit to the band coming off is I can wash it super easy.

Thanks to the Timex Time Machines and app my kids all know how to tell time now and are excited to go to school this year and show off their new skills, which will also help them focus on when lunch is, recess and time to leave school. The mobile app is available to both iOS and Android users and is available, free of charge and ad and commercial free, for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Check out the many Timex Time Machine watches here, also for adults check out 

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