Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Undercover Tourist would like to remind you this 4th of July..........

With vacation plans settling in and the 4th of July right around the corner, you may want to consider a few ways to keep cool at the hottest attractions this summer – theme parks.

Researchers are saying that this is going to be the hottest year yet (Yup we are feeling it!!!! ). Here’s the good news – Undercover Tourist has the latest tips on how to beat the heat, just in time for your next visit. Here are a few trendy ideas to get you started:

·        Stay cool by wearing light colored clothing, applying sunscreen, wearing hats and glasses, and bringing swim wear for the family to play in the various water play areas. You would be amazed at the random splash pads which are located at places like Disney Springs, Celebration, City Walk, and more. 

·        Arrive early by allowing 30 extra minutes to deal with traffic, parking and security. Really you might wanna plan a extra hour because so much construction but always plan extra time so you do not arrived stressed. 

·        Maximize your time with a touring plan by buying tickets in advance, picking the best times to visit, fast passes, having lunch during slower times, and more. A premade trip planner can be found on the Undercover Tourist website or smart phone app. My biggest tip I give to people visiting the parks especially Disney is do the rides while the parades are going, the ride times drop from 2 hours to 30 mins or less when parades are going. 

·        Plan meals by checking out the opening and closing times of the parks multiple eateries. Several options are available for larger groups; generous portions for a respectable price. Also be sure to check the website on rules of what you can and cannot bring to the parks. Some allow for coolers and others do not, you can rent strollers, and lockers to keep your items in while visiting the parks. 

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