Thursday, July 27, 2017

Ball Canning Jars the possibilities are ENDLESS

Since I was young Ball Canning Jars have always been around and a part of my life. My grandmother who recently passed used Ball Canning Jars to well can items like peaches, pickles, plums, and so much more. My favorite were always her canned peaches, they would come out so good.

The best part about Ball Canning Jars is they have so many purposes. My father and his father have always used Ball Canning Jars to store screws in, they would nail the lid to a board in a shelf and then they would screw in the Ball jars with different types of nails, screws, washers, etc items for wood work in the jars.

My Aunt has always had cookie and muffin mixes which she would fancy up the Ball Canning Jars with a piece of fabric covering the top along with a small bow and the recipe card and a sweet saying for gifts for friends and family.

The Ball Canning Jars also make a great place to store pens, scissors and other art like items. I had bought a bamboo plant a few years back on clearance from Lowe's, now it has become 5 trees so I have used some Ball Canning Jars a little rock and whala I have more beautiful bamboo plants throughout my home.

Ball Canning Jars have ENDLESS possibilities, because of being clear you can paint them, decorate them and do so much to make them a one of a kind. Check out Ball Canning Jars on Pinterest and be ready for inspiration overload. Besides the ENDLESS possibilities that Ball Canning Jars offer they are also easy to locate and don't break the bank.

Ball Canning Jars have a longer neck which is why we use them for so many things and the normal Ball Jars have a wider shorter neck. But if whenever you purchase a Ball Jars product Newell Brands makes a donation to Feeding America, so you can feel good about your purchase knowing you are also doing your part to help out.

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