Monday, July 17, 2017

Don't trash it, Fix-N-Zip it!

I don't know how many times I am in a rush and go to through on a jacket and the zipper is broke or missing, or gets stuck and I break it so I can get out. Same for purses and backpacks which cost me money because I don't know how to sow and normally I send it all to my mom, but even some zippers she has issues with and we end up trashing. 

Someone out there was having the same issues as me and said ENOUGH and came out with the product called Fix-N-Zip which is everyone's Summer Travel Must-Haves, The Fix N Zip - perfect for instantly fixing the zipper on a wide range of travel items (including luggage, duffle bags, dresses, pants, skirts, handbags, golf bags, sleeping bags, and jeep windows, just to name a few. 

The Fix-N-Zip product slides over any broken zipper and instantly replaces it as a new zipper – also perfect for any wardrobe malfunctions. 

FixnZip® ( is a new way to solve that annoying problem with effortless zipper repair sans needles, threads and tools. Easy to use and eco-friendly, FixnZip is reusable and can be taken off one item and used for another. The slider parts are made of nickel plated zinc die cast and the spring and thumbscrew of stainless steel. FixnZip is available for purchase at and price points start at $9.99. 

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