Thursday, July 27, 2017

Oral I.V. and smarter way to start the day

I hate drinking water! I really really hate it, I only drink water if it is close to frozen. So I look into other ways to drink water. Coffee is not the best way to wake up in the morning nore is soda or energy drinks so what else is there that is a healthier option. With Oral I.V.  it's more of what you DON'T feel rather than what you DO.

Each morning and later in the afternoon drink one 2.2oz bottle of Oral I.V. along with 8-12oz of water, yeah you gotta drink water but really it is not that much. Your body makes good use of the water (better absorption rate) it has and the water you drink with and after consuming Oral I.V.

There are no stimulants, no flavoring other than mineral tastes, nothing that makes your mind think you need to “feel” in order for it to be working. Trace minerals in the Oral I.V. formula affect your body's hydration at the cellular level. Making you be a better you healthier you all around.

The Oral I.V. also is great for kids going back to school, great way for them to start the day and be awake and focused. You can find Oral I.V.  by visiting their site here.

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