Monday, July 17, 2017

Viita Undergarments that Protect from Bladder Leakage

Did you know that one in three women experience bladder leakage at some point in their life or when doing certain activities. I believe it! I know I am the lucky number 3 especially after having my kids. I do that whole walk and stop to sneeze, cough, or laugh cross your legs pose. I have been stuck in pantyliners for as long as I can remember (13 years) and it sucks.  What if I had another option to control my leaking issue.....well Viita, believes that bladder leakage should never keep you from leading an active life or affect your self-esteem and confidence­! That’s why Viita created their line of Viita undergarments with an integrated absorbing pad.

Say goodbye to disposable panty liners! By blending absorbent action, comfort, discretion, and elegance, Viita keeps you dry so you can enjoy every moment of life to the fullest. No matter which design you choose, you’ll love the extraordinary, practical benefits of Viita undergarments. The best part about Viita undergarments is they are washable which makes them reusable which saves you money. Viita undergarments are also antibacterial which means you won't have to worry about getting a UTI because of moisture being trapped like it is when wearing pads, and liners.  They are odorless which if you have worn a pantyliner or pad longer than you had planned you often find yourself running for the woods because of a fowl order starting to be released...yuck. Viita is  hygienic and again affordable which is saving you money and fuse of getting the liner to stick properly to your underwear.

I have love trying out the new Viita undergarments they provide me with a feeling of freedom, my biggest reason for loving them is before I would avoid going out if I thought it would rain because a wet liner becomes loose and can come out if your wearing shorts or go so far up your butt that your needing tweezers to remove, so not having to wear a liner I am able to go to the theme parks and not worry about water and liners going where they are not welcomed.  You can purchase Viita by visiting their website here.

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